trixie tuesday: lady’s day out

hello gentle readers. this is the beautiful trixie. guess what? i went to the spa this weekend!

at first i was a little suspicious about being taken out on my own, because the last time that happened, we went to the place where they steal blood.

why isn't dennis here?  we'd best not be going to the vet.
why isn’t dennis here? we’d best not be going to the v-e-t again.

but as it turns out we were going to see my friends at the dog in suds spa, where i get washed and dried and brushed every now and then. dada dropped me off to be pampered. a few hours later he came back to pick me up but i wasn’t in a big hurry to leave. for one thing it, was hot outside.

tile floors are nature’s air conditioner.

after getting washed and fluffed it’s only natural to want to strut a little.

i may be sixteen but i've still got it.
i may be sixteen but i’ve still got it.

and by strut i mean sniff around.

checking the succulents for peemail.
checking the succulents for peemail.
giant noodles.  tucker would have approved.
giant noodles. tucker would have approved.
heading back to the car.
well i’m tired and warm, and i think dada is hiding a treat behind his back. time to go back to the car.

and of course it wouldn’t be a trip to the spa if there weren’t a snack afterwards. my snack. all mine. no crazy red dogs hanging around to steal it while i’m busy protecting everyone from evil perpetrators.  they abound, you know.

i'm rich.  i'm a happy miser.
i knew there was a treat! i’m rich. i’m a happy miser.

being a lady i do not wolf my treats down like certain red dogs i have known. instead i take my time and savor it while dada is waiting for the magic window to give him black rock iced coffee.

a nice day out without any crazy red dogs stirring up trouble sure does relax a girl.

zzzzzzZZZzzZZzzz ....
zzzzzzZZZzzZZzzz ….

trixie doodles out.

23 thoughts on “trixie tuesday: lady’s day out

  1. How nice of your dada to get you prettied up for spring. You look wonderful, Beautiful Trixie. I didn’t like the times my Mom took me to the spa, but maybe I would now. I’ll show her this and see what she says!

    Your best pal,



  2. You are looking so very beautmous Trixie. As a fellow girl, “of a certain era” I know how good it feels to be pampered!!
    Happy St. Patrick Day Smileys!


  3. Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all of you…

    TRIXIE…. You look AMAZING… your furs are all fluffy and stuffs… and OMD that SNACK…. Girrrrrrl you SCORED. and No bloods were stolen in the making of this post..


  4. Oh, Trixie, you are so lovely – who knew you could be even MORE lovely after a trip to the spa!? And we agree – it’s been way too hot! (Is that a twisted pizzle that you got? Ooooo, lucky girl. Rita’s jealous!)


  5. Oh, Miss Trixie, you look pawsitively beautiful!!!

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    Pee Ess – is that a harness for Dada to use to help you get up and down?


  6. The beautiful and fluffy Trixie, always a lady. We’re looking forward to seeing you and Dennis soon (and, of course, Mama & Dada).


  7. How rude! I was busy typing my comment and it took off to post itself.

    I was trying to say that guys don’t have to be red to pig out on treats or ruin a perfectly good day. I know. I’m the only girl here.



  8. Mew mew mew Trixie yur so daintee eatin yur treet….you reemind mee of mee doggie furend Jade frum thee farm. Shee iss daintee like you 🙂
    Yur 16? Fur reel?? Yur so beeuteefull…..
    Glad you had such a grate SPA day!
    ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxx


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