attak of the gote dogs!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel it is or may be kommon nolledj that my dada has menny kuzzins heer in the mithikal land of kalifornya however it may be less kommon nolledj that wun of them runs a petting zoo in wich she has donkee dogs and pig dogs and sheep dogs and gote dogs and wotnot!!! now reesently this kuzzin wuz in town to pik up three noo baby gote dogs and wot did she end up with insted??? fowr baby gote dogs and wun mama gote dog!!! and then they invayded my yard chek it owt!!!


at first the gote dogs wer just milling arownd neer the trash kans wich is not serprizing to me sinse i did the saym thing wen i moovd in heer becuz after all beehind the trash kans is a gud playse to hide!!!

GEDC0176but eeventchooally sum of the gote dogs got brayv and started wandring owt farther into the yard!!!

“I see delicious weeds out there …”

now this mama gote dog wot wuz naymd flora is not the mama gote dog of the baby gote dogs!!! she reesently had three baby gote dogs of her own but sadly they wer stilborn and so it is hoped by dadas kuzzin and the baby gote dogs alike that she wil adopt theez baby gote dogs as her own baby gote dogs!!!

“This is MY new mama goat. Go find your own.”

now at first sum of the baby gote dogs did not hav nayms and so dadas kuzzins enlisted evrywun in thinking of nayms for them!!!  this littel fello below got naymd blaze by dada on akkownt of his wite blaze on his hed!!!  he oridjinally sugjested that the baby gote dog lukd like stripe frum the faymus dokyoomentary gremlins but for sum reezon no wun wanted to naym a gote dog after that karakter!!!

Do Not Feed After Midnight.

on the other hand this littel fello below alreddy had a naym he wuz beeing kalld casper!!!

“Why yes, I am a friendly goat.”

the gote dog on the left with the curly eerz wuz of korse alreddy beeing kalld curly!!!  that just left this fellow in the middel with no naym until wun wuz supplied by dadas auntie and now his naym is domino!!!

“Just because my name is Domino doesn’t mean I can get you an autograph from James Bond or Deadpool.”

at wun poynt i wuz pritty shoor that mimmier wuz going to put casper in her purse and tayk him bak to the mithikal land of noo york with her!!!


ennyway wile casper the frendly gote dog wuz sleeping on akkownt of he wuz only a week old and the smallest baby gote dog the other gote dogs kontinyood to wander arownd the yard ekspressing there opinyun of dadas ratty lawn furnitcher!!!

“You people sit on these things? I wouldn’t even eat them.”

of korse their wer okkayzhunal brayks for feeding time!!!  mmmm feeding time!!!


I wonder if I can score some of that milk …
nom nom nom nom baaaa nom nom nom nom baaaa
Wait, those flowers are edible?

feeding time wuz followed by pooping time!!! or more akyooratly it wuz always pooping time as far as theez gote dogs wer konsernd!!!

“This is a highly aesthetic poop pattern. Kudos to the artist.”

and it seems that gote dogs keep an eye owt for eevil perpetraytors just like trixie duz!!!  speeking of trixie she sniffd the gote dogs and deesided they wer not intresting and wandered off to stare owt the frunt door on akkownt of eevil perpetraytors kan attak frum enny direkshun and that is why she duz not tern up in enny of theez fotos!!!

Blaze: “I see ninja hedgehogs. What do you see?” Domino: “A weird little guy in a helmet burying dynamite.”

and sum gote dogs elekted to hide under the orbit lowndjer!!!  gud kall baby gote dog i wood hide under their too if i cud fit!!!

“Today, the underside of the orbit lounge. Tomorrow, the world.”

and that wuz owr vizzit frum the gote dogs!!! they hav sinse gawn home to liv with dadas kuzzin ware they wil soon be appeering in her petting zoo alongside all there noo brothers and sisters!!!

“Poop and rose petals, kid. It’s all about poop and rose petals.”

all gote dogs shud be so lucky!!!  ok bye

“I still don’t trust that funny-looking red goat.”

17 thoughts on “attak of the gote dogs!!!

  1. I love gote dogs, Dennis! They are cute and frisky but also like to bounce off you with their cute little feets (what are sharp!) so you gotta be on your toes with the little guys. I would like to see them in person.



  2. The HorseDog up the street has a GoteDog furiend!

    Mom and I vote to wait fur the CHEESE those GoteDogs make in their little barns!



  3. OMD….you are one brave Vizsla, Dennis!! Those gotes look (and sound) a bit frightening!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  4. Hi Dennis!
    Those baby gote dogs have a funny-sounding ‘bark!’ Job well done by the nayming committee. I’m not surprised Casper fell asleep in your mimmier’s lap. Grammas have special abilities in that regard. 🙂


  5. Oh goodness, they are so cute, especially the little one. Did you get to be out there with them, Dennis? We have a farmstead near our home where the grandbipeds love to go and help bottlefeed all the many baby goats. But they do seem to get a bit greedy once they see a bottle in a hand:)

    Boing Boing Boing.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  6. Oh, those gote dogs are SO cute!! I want that little Domino! He’s a cutie! And he has a mischievous look in his eye. I bet I’d have years of Monday Mischief post fodder with him! Thanks for sharing the gote dogs with us! Loved the boinging!


  7. Thanks for sharing the goatdogs Dennis! They were quite adorable! So glad your Dada’s kuzzin adopted them all 🙂


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