Here Be Snakes

* Dada’s Note: This is an actual gopher snake that lives in our yard and recently turned up inside the house.

The snake is about four feet long.  Auntie named it “Gomer”.
We shooed it safely out the front door. It went over Trixie’s foot on its way out. Trixie was not amused.


Soon …






Momentarily …


21 thoughts on “Here Be Snakes

  1. Dennis, you are a parseltongue like that Hairy Potter? wow …. and in case you see my momma, please say hell-o to her Gomer… she immediately ran away as she sah the first photo :o)


  2. OMD OMSssssssssssss you had a Snake INSIDE your HOUSE??? DENNIS that is just ALL WRONG… You do NOT want a Snake Inside your house… WE don’t even like them on our HILL…


  3. Don’t be afraid of snakes Dennis…they’re good. I bet, if you strike up a friendship with him, you can even get him to help you with your feathered phobias. I bet he’d love to sink his teeth into a parakeet or three.


  4. I know people who catch and dispose of RATTLEsnakes but I can tell you (and my whole family feels this way) we would live in subzero cold all year around, just to never see any snakes at all , ever at any time, indoors or out. Trixie, another good reason to live in Minniesnowda!

    Hugs and be careful,
    Your pal Stella


  5. Hey Dennis!
    Wow, that’s a slithery furiend you’ve got there! I have gophers here too, but they all carry 9 irons. BWAR HAR HAR Interesting tele shows ahem.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish


  6. Ummm….Dennis, are you a parcel tongue????? EEEEEEEEEkkkkkk…
    Mama says thanks for the smiley!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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