Trixie Tuesday: Seabreeze

hello gentle readers. this is the beautiful trixie. as you no doubt know, my crazy brother dennis makes frequent trips to the harbor to help him learn how not to get terrorized when skateboards and toy poodles go by. every once in a while i go along to supervise. this past memorial day was one of those times.

we kind of thought the harbor might be busy because of the holiday but it was fairly quiet. although there were surely evil perpetrators about, they kept a low profile, no doubt because they heard i was around.

my leash says it’s time for my w.a.l.k. i think that’s how you spell “lie on the warm bricks and keep an eye on things.”

i was curious about yearley sailboats. apparently they sell sailboats that have to be renewed every year or something. sounds like one of dennis’s shady business ventures if you ask me.

i’m pretty sure just looking at sailboats is enough to make dada seasick.

i did a little bit of walking but not very far.  i’m sixteen years old. for a dog my size, that’s like a hundred, if i were a person.  i’m pretty sure that’s nearly as old as dada.  so i don’t have the spring in my step that i used to have, but i did get to go check a nearby peemail palm tree server a couple of times though.

are those evil perpetrators?
eh, probably. but i’ll let the harbor police deal with them. i have peemail to catch up on.

dennis of course slouched around the place in his straightjacket crime scene tape coat tinfoil hat “give me space” tunic.  everyone seemed to respect it.  i think they probably know him there by now anyway.  sort of like how everyone at cheers knew cliff, even though they pretended they didn’t.  and before you ask:  no, i am not quite old enough to remember “cheers”, but, you know, we have netflix now, so i can watch reruns.

pensive vizsla is pensive. and also managed to slobber all over his own shoulder even though it’s behind him.

dada gave me lots of pets and paw rubs while we were there. i like paw rubs. but then it got windy.

and apparently i was shedding while dada was petting me, because something dada called “trixie tumbleweeds” started blowing away from where i was sitting.

really, dada. trixie tumbleweeds. i’ll have you know that’s highly sought after bird’s nest material.  anyway, i kind of wanted to stay a while longer but some maintenance people pulled up in a truck and started unloading lumber and power tools right in front of us, and that would have been like the apocalypse if we tried to sit there with dennis while construction started happening, so we packed up the car and went home.  but that’s okay.  i was pretty tired from all that sitting and watching and sniffing.

i can smell catalina island from here

all in all it was another successful visit to the harbor for dennis during which no one tried to kill him, and i got to remind all the evil perpetrators that I AM WATCHING THEM which is always a good thing because evil perpetrators tend to have short memories.  anyway that was our memorial day, or at least, my favorite part of it.  and now if you will excuse me, i have to go catch up on my nap.  but don’t worry, i’m still guarding the house.  i like to sleep right in front of the door, so any burglars who try to sneak in are bound to trip over me.  the beautiful trixie, signing off.

13 thoughts on “Trixie Tuesday: Seabreeze

  1. that was great to wander through your harbour area with you… many thanks… and if Dennis needs a partner in crime for shady business ideas… he can call me… the idea with the sailboats sounds not bad :o)


  2. Good thing you are keeping the evil perpetrators on their toes, Trixie. Heavens knows that Dennis is probably in league with at least some of them! Speaking of Dennis, could his “I’m a crazy dog, keep your distance” tunic be any bigger? Heheh. Not that we are ones to talk, mind you. A certain large-bottomed sister of mine went all cracker crazy at a poodle yesterday, despite the poodle being about a half a block away…. Maybe we need a cracker crazy tunic for her, too…. BTW, we think you look marvelous – it must be all those sea breezes that keep you young (and keeping evil perpetrators on their toes)!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  3. Trixie, I’m pretty sure that you’re the glue that holds the whole operation together! As another girl with a younger brother, I feel some of your pain. I’m glad you had a great trip to the harbor!



  4. To the Beautiful Trixie: Every single family should have a dog just like you, one who takes the security business seriously. I’m proud to know you and call you my friend. Like you, I am pretty good at it, but I hate barking because people get so rattled about it and you never know what they are gonna do. We just have to keep on keeoing on!



  5. Thanks Trixie, for a blog from your viewpoint. I didn’t realize you were 16 years young! Congratulations on that.

    I did like the Trixie tumbleweeds though. In our household, we think the tumbleweeds are a sentient life form that’s attempting to clone another dog. It’s been unsuccessful so far, but not from a lack of effort. Some days it tries for a miniature pinscher, other days a beagle. It hasn’t tried the Vizsla yet though – I don’t think the masses have gotten big enough. . . yet.

    Have a good week! I agree that you are excited, but Dennis is definitely crazy. But hey, he’s a Vizsla. They’re all crazy in some way.



  6. What a great sport you are to go along for the trip to the harbor, Trixie – at 16 you deserve to have a chariot take you:) Lightning would be good company for Dennis – he is afraid of everything that moves or is new and different, bikes, scooters, roller bladers, boxes, signs, and on and on. He spends his whole walk time looking behind him to see if an evil biker is coming along.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  7. We are sure glad you are there to take care of all evil perpetrators Trixie….and of course, take care of Dennis! Dory says she knows how tough it can be to take care of little brothers!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  8. Trixie we think that your furs made the street look FESTIVE and Exciting… We are so glad that you were somewhat excited to go fur this Sea Side SEEing adventure and Pee mail Checking.


  9. Wow. You and your bro had a big day. Those yearly sailboats are interesting. We have monthly power boats here. My humans call the equivalent to your “tumbleweeds” Sandy’s “powder puffs.” Hey, I’m a Golden – it comes with the package. Have a good one and say hey to Dennis Dog.


  10. Deer Trixie yur thee BEST Sisfur a doggie boy could have! You purrtect Dennis frum all thee Evull inn thee werld an keep him company….hee iss trulee blessed!
    Yur so beeuteefull also….bless yur soft paws…
    Yur furend Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


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