Throwback (Tucker) Thursday: Somebody Toss That Seal A Fish

Before Tucker lost his voice, he had a very distinctive bark. My father always said he sounded like a seal, and recently gave me a video he took in 2011 — possibly the last one in which you can hear Tucker talking — which proves the point. Tucker, here’s your fish. Note that all three dogs abandon Dada at the end to follow Mama into the house, thus illustrating how the humans rate around here.

16 Comments on “Throwback (Tucker) Thursday: Somebody Toss That Seal A Fish

  1. I always go in when my Mom goes, too. In fact, I try my best to be the first one through the door or sometimes, Mom leaves me outside (alone!) playing ball by myself, which is zero for fun.

    Your pal, Stella


  2. Buddy used to sound like a seal when he was younger. Tucker sure was excited to be playing with Dada. Until Mama lured him away. 🙂


  3. Wow, I’ve never heard a dog (let alone a Vizsla) that sounded like that! But yes, clearly Mom is the alpha dog and Dad is just a fill-in. Mom must give better treats and cuddles. Up the game, Dad! You can do this. The beagle tells his Daddy this all the time. More treats!



  4. We just love Tucker’s seal bark…Our Mama also giggles when your Dad was abandoned….the same thing happens around here too, BOL!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  5. Tucker’s Voice was GRRRRREAT…. Very distinctive….
    It is funny that you all follow the MOM…. it seems to be a TREND in Blogville…. since we all seem to do it.


  6. Well, since Mom is in charge of the food bowls, we always follow her to the kitchen. But if Dad is eating, we stick close to him because he is pretty good at sharing:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  7. Oh, that is definitely a distinctive bark! I had to laugh when the pups all followed Mama – even in mid-game!! Looks a lot like our house! 🙂


  8. some dogs have the funniest bark, we had a large rottweiler that had a high pitch bark, not what you would expect from that dog. Jim


  9. It sounds like Dennis, Tucker, and Trixie are a good team, who follow the leader, Mama, together wherever she goes. I, Mint, always follow my mama too 😉


  10. That’s an unusual bark. He does sound like a seal. I wonder what the seals would do if he barked near them.


    • hello sam ivy its dennis the vizsla dog hay and mama and dada say that in his old aydj he wuz as krotchety as a seal too!!! maybe he has a distant seal ansestor or sumthing!!! ok bye


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