10 thoughts on “Bake/Off

  1. oh wait wait wait… that apple watch has such cool apps? I want one… although I’m not a fan of fruits… can you reaload that casserole-canon? you could offer that meal to the possum… just saying…


  2. Its good to see Tucker has earned his wings and that the former Governot got what was coming to him. If you like ccasseroles, come to Minnesota, they are rampant and our official State food!

    Hugs all around,,

    Stella, Zkhat, Jo


  3. Hard to believe someone would defy the governator with a casserole and knock him out. That must have been a great Dealing With Evil Perpetrators class.


  4. Well, Dennis, for once you used your noodle by hesitating to eat that casserole. Is there more to come in this story???

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  5. FRIED BOLOGNA…. OMD OMD that is a Southeastern OHIO Delicacy …. OMD you GOTTA have FRIED BOLOGNA….


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