happy slitely belayted maybe birthday to me!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo hav ben a nice reeder for a long time then yoo may reemember way bak wen dada reeported on wot he thawt mite be my histry before i wuz fownd wandring in a kanyon but if not and yoo ar intrested yoo kan reed abowt it heer its ok go ahed i wil wayt!!!

me in october too thowsand and seven

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Fluffy Friday

hello gentle readers. this is the beautiful trixie again, with the sad news that the pathological person decided not to tell me good things today. the nasty thing in my intestine is not what we were hoping it was. it is something called a sarcoma, which i guess is an especially nasty kind of nasty thing. and the other nasty thing on my adrenal gland is apparently shooting out harmony that is seeding other parts of me with nasty things. or maybe that was hormones. anyhow it’s all very rude behavior if you ask me.

unfortunately the medicines will not help stop these evil perpetrators. the only thing that can do that is to cut me open and remove them. i’m not sure i want to have part of my intestine removed. it’s something i use every day, and being cut open at my age seems like such an indignity. but luckily i don’t have to worry about things like that or make difficult decisions. in spite of everything i can just snooze in dada’s office like i always did, and let mama and dada figure it out.

wake me up when september ends. or when it’s time for dinner. whichever comes first.

Trixie Thursday: Some Good News, Some No News

hello gentle readers. this is the beautiful trixie with an update on my condition. but first let me thank you all for your kind words and concern. here’s a nice old picture of me with my pretty face on for everyone.

me a long time ago
me a long time ago

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Trixie Tuesday II

Hello nice readers, this is the Dada here. The ultrasound on The Beautiful Trixie has turned up some very bad news — a large and aggressive type of tumor partially blocking her small intestine and a smaller tumor on her adrenal gland — and so the dental surgery will not be going forward. We’re awaiting the results of X-Rays to find out if the very bad news will turn out to be even worse news. In the meantime, let’s all enjoy a picture of Trixie in her younger days:


We love you, Trixie.

Trixie Tuesday: I’m Going Completely Dental I Must Say

hello gentle readers.  this is the beautiful trixie.  i’m afraid i must interrupt the parade of puppy pictorials to let everyone know i am going in for a broken tooth extraction today as well as for an ultrasound to check out my internals.  apparently the doctor who recently stole some of my blood ran some tests on it and is a little concerned about my kidneys or my spleen.  i guess if those aren’t working up to snuff then she cannot sell my blood for as much on the open market.  hmm, perhaps i should sic my new sister on the doctor. drawing blood makes her a vampire, right?

the doctor also says i need to change foods to something with less protein.  i may be willing to give up my evanger’s braised beef canned food but nobody had better try to get me to eat a salad.

i don’t see any evil perpetrators, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

anyway these procedures are all fairly routine but you know we sixteen-year-old girls can be a bit delicate, so i would appreciate whatever tail wags and purrs might be available. meanwhile, evil perpetrators beware! i may be out of commission for the day, but there’s a new deputy in town, and she’s a little bit crazy.


this is the beautiful trixie, signing off for the day. but rest assured i will be back!

Overheard Around The House


Dennis Translation: “I still don’t play with my new sister, but I’m getting used to her. We have supervised sessions where I lie on the bed and watch Dada and Saya playing on the floor.  We even sniffed noses once.”

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Observed Around The Dog Chiropractor’s Office

a visit to the doggie chiropractor always makes me feel better. plus it’s a chance to get away from my crazy brother sometimes.

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