a skolarly treetis on how to git away with destrukshun almost!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay it has ben awile sinse i graysd the sientifik komyoonity with wun of my skolarly treetises and it has also ben awile sinse i handed owt enny helpful poynters on how to do destrukshun so heer i am to remedy both of theez oversites in wun fel swoop chek it owt!!!

so first heer is sum dokyoomentry evidense of sum destrukshun wot a dog hoo luks just like me but of korse cud not posibly akchooally be me attempted to reek upon the unsuspekting blankets on the sofa!!!

now wot wuz my this dogs first errerr with the attempted destrukshun??? dooing it in frunt of mama and dada!!! wot a rookee mistayk yoo mayd their dog wot luks just like me but cud not posibly be me!!! wun kannot ekspekt to git enny gud destrukshun dun wile mama and dada ar watching this is the first rool of suksesful destrukshun!!!

shred shred shred shred

now of korse this dog wot luks like me but is so not me wuz then disswayded frum kontinyooing his kampayn of destrukshun aginst the blankets!!!


this wuz followd by a blanket inspekshun by dada!!!

Once a blanket; now a poncho.
wunse a blanit but now a pontcho!!!

now yoo hav to figger owt how to avoyd the blaym for wotever destrukshun may hav aksidently okkurrd wile yoo wer in the vissinitty!!! wot is the first thing wun must do wen wun is suspekted of havving torn a hole in a blanket??? wun must luk innosent!!!

duz this luk like the fayse of sumwun wot wood tern a blankit into a pontcho???

redirekting blaym is also a gud approatch!!!

dada fownd the hole!!! i think that meens dada mayd the hole!!!

wun kan also try simply lukking konfyoozed!!!

huh??? wot??? blankit??? wot??? i just got heer!!!

if all else fails wun kan beet a strateedjik reetreet to the other side of the sofa and lay low until the hyoomans forgit ennything happend at all!!!

kilroy is heer!!!

if wun plays wuns kards rite wun wil not only not git in trouble for the destrukshun but wun may eeven git a kiss!!!

blecccchhhh hyooman kisses
blecccchhhh hyooman kisses

and that nice reederz is how yoo git away with destrukshun almost!!! ha ha ok bye

18 Comments on “a skolarly treetis on how to git away with destrukshun almost!!!

  1. We also noticed that you…er, that dog that cud not posibly be you, wagged your… er, his tail constantly through the video. Humans can’t resist tail wagging even in the presence of destruction. We have taken copious notes on this treetis.


  2. Good tips Dennis, and sorry your mama and dada spoiled your fun. I’m not going to allow Medi to watch this, since she has taken to pulling my hoodies off the sofa to chew on them!


  3. Around here, we khan blame it on Khousin Geufy 🙂

    PeeEssWoo: My mama will nevFUR evFUR FURget your inkhredible room and window design video – I’m sure Martha Stewart is still totes jelly!


  4. Dennis, this is Jim. our dog chewed up the back of the car and many of our DVD covers. After a while he just grew out of it or did not like to get into trouble. Hope you have a good day. Jim


  5. Wow! A dog wot looks just like you but isn’t you! You might want to set Trixie on that interloper! Because we know YOU wouldn’t make sure a rookie mistake. However, we can see how you might manage to get kisses, whether you had just finished making ponchos or not. Dennis, you are SO our hero (and we’re kinda fond of that dog wot looks like you but isn’t you, too)!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  6. Have you ever given any thought at all, Dennis, to just being a good boy and oh, chew up a bone, or go out and chase balls or just have a nice nap? The beautiful Trixie would be your guide I am certain if you were to accept this challenge (and for you, I am certain it would be quite a challenge.) What say give it a try Dennis? This is a way of life for myself and many other dogs (Trixie for one, Frank E. Furter for another and many more) Let us know what you decide.

    Your good dog pal, Stella


  7. Jan says she is glad we canines don’t shred things with our teeth any more. However, she complains some canines who are definitely not us shred bedding.


  8. That dog that could not possibly be you, Dennis, had the best tail wag ever – fast and with a good rhythm:) Has Mama worn her new poncho yet? BOL

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  9. We think that the dog, that could not possibly be you, has a great career in poncho design!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  10. LOL. Dennis, your “innocent” look is primo! I hope they don’t make you wear the poncho as punishment. 🙂 Although that would be a good photo-opp. (Rita agrees – bleech on the human kisses!)


  11. Dennis – you need to be careful when the camera comes out! Because the Vizsla who wasn’t you was obviously not aware enough.



  12. What an excellent tutorial on how to create destruction and not get into trouble for it. We have taken notes. Thanks.

    Millie & Walter


  13. The innocent (guilty?) look and tail wag combination was perfectly executed! I’m going to watch your video and practice this. Woof! MBH


  14. ****play bowss**** to thee Master of Deestruckshun!
    Wee want to FANK yur ‘stunt dubble’ fur steppin inn to show us ‘how to’ do fingss rite…
    Of course it could NOT bee you Dennis…..oh no’ss!!!!! 😉
    LadyMum said thee waggin tail was startin to melt her heart an thee puppy face on arm of chair werked good!! Shee said she’d hug you lotss an kiss you er mee meenss yur stunt dubble also!!!
    Bee seein you….
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


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