Observed Around The Dog Chiropractor’s Office

a visit to the doggie chiropractor always makes me feel better. plus it’s a chance to get away from my crazy brother sometimes.


i don’t remember all this caution tape on the brand-new entranceway the last time i was here …
it looks like someone crashed into the archway with great force.
well, if this were at home i would blame it on dennis, but i don’t think even he could manage to break an office building.  let’s go get me adjusted, dada.

Meanwhile …


16 Comments on “Observed Around The Dog Chiropractor’s Office

  1. You have a crazy brother? No way! hehe I guess Dennis is a little crazy and it is possible he was present when that wall was damaged.


  2. Steer clear of that stone wall, Trixie. We sure don’t want it to fall on you. It looks kinda iffy to us!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


  3. Steer clear, Miss Trixie! I don’t think that tape is going to hold that wall for very long.

    Pee Ess, I’m glad to know there are chiropractors for doggies! 🙂


  4. Better get your paws on the run to our place, Dennis – Dada won’t be too happy about this situation:) Seriously we don’t believe you could possibly have done such a thing. Maybe you can get Dada to give you a nice massage.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  5. I doubt Dennis could make that mess! But I do hope the Beautiful Trixie got her back fixed up just right. Back pain is no party!

    Hugs all around,

    Stella, Zkhat and Jo


  6. Well Dennis, Arty says he doesn’t blame you at all….he also thinks he should not be left behind when Dory gets to go places with the Mama!


  7. It’s good to have a Dennis around to blame things on, isn’t it Trixie? At our house… that person is the dada. 🙂 Hope you got adjusted!


  8. Mew mew mew looks like yur werk Dennis…butt you were ‘home alone’….hhhmmmmm mee finks thee Possum mite know sumfing…hee iss sorta shdy you know??
    An Trixie yur lookin mitey fine!! LadyMum says Chiropracturss are grate an shee had one fur allmsot 4 yeerss!!
    Iss amazin what people can do isn’t it??? 😉
    Bee seein youss’
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  9. We should have known! Anyway Dennis, you know Chiropractor really just another name for a type of vet. You don’t want to go to the vet, on purpose, do you?
    ~lickies, Ludo


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