Overheard Around The House


Dennis Translation: “I still don’t play with my new sister, but I’m getting used to her. We have supervised sessions where I lie on the bed and watch Dada and Saya playing on the floor.  We even sniffed noses once.”

Dennis Translation: “I’m okay with Saya being in my house but she’s not my favorite pack member just yet.”

(Click here to visit Saya’s page.)


Dennis Translation: “I am getting paid in treats to be near my new sister, and I’m not sharing them.”


Trixie Translation: “I gave the puppy the once-over and approved her presence in the house, but playing with a puppy is not my thing anymore.  When we’re together I just watch, and Mama and Dada make sure Saya doesn’t jump on me.”

13 thoughts on “Overheard Around The House

  1. dorysbackyard says:

    Well Dennis, you are making wonderful progress with that new sister of yours!! Maybe she can get on your good side by slaying that evil vam-possum???
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  2. The OP Pack says:

    Dennis, it just takes time. Have you gone for some walks with Says? You need to show her all around the neighborhood so she can learn to read the pee mail too:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  3. If Mr. Baloney Head can accept two kittens, anything is possible. Be forewarned: You might actually end up liking the little pup, Dennis! Children can be so honest, can’t they? Mr. Possum does look a bit like a vampire and not something that meows.


  4. When I came to live here, Bart and Ruby got their own safe house in mom’s office so I wouldn’t bug them. Me? Really??? We all became good friends in short order. BTW, I went to the dog beach today up by Sandy Barbara and I met 3-count’em THREE vizslas!!! They were very nice 🙂 They had a boxer sister, but she didn’t sting like a bee or anything…



hello nice reeder its dennis the vizsla dog hay leev me a peemail if yoo want to!!! ok bye

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