Trixie Tuesday: I’m Going Completely Dental I Must Say

hello gentle readers.  this is the beautiful trixie.  i’m afraid i must interrupt the parade of puppy pictorials to let everyone know i am going in for a broken tooth extraction today as well as for an ultrasound to check out my internals.  apparently the doctor who recently stole some of my blood ran some tests on it and is a little concerned about my kidneys or my spleen.  i guess if those aren’t working up to snuff then she cannot sell my blood for as much on the open market.  hmm, perhaps i should sic my new sister on the doctor. drawing blood makes her a vampire, right?

the doctor also says i need to change foods to something with less protein.  i may be willing to give up my evanger’s braised beef canned food but nobody had better try to get me to eat a salad.

i don’t see any evil perpetrators, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

anyway these procedures are all fairly routine but you know we sixteen-year-old girls can be a bit delicate, so i would appreciate whatever tail wags and purrs might be available. meanwhile, evil perpetrators beware! i may be out of commission for the day, but there’s a new deputy in town, and she’s a little bit crazy.


this is the beautiful trixie, signing off for the day. but rest assured i will be back!

16 Comments on “Trixie Tuesday: I’m Going Completely Dental I Must Say

  1. Trixie I hope you get good news and there is no slad in sight for you, I cross my paws for the tooth-thingy and I hope efurrything is fine after that tooth is out


  2. A salad?!? Perish the thought! We’ve got our paws crossed for you, Ms. Beautiful Trixie! (And yes, the deputy does look a little crazy… but that might just be the general nature of Vizsla puppies, no?)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  3. Dear Beautiful Trixie: Sending Power of the Paw to you for a good checking up at the Blood Robber Docs .You look great for a girl your age and I know you will keep Dennis and Saya in line.

    Cheers, Your pal Stella


  4. Sending healthy thoughts and a lot of crossed paws to you, your broken tooth and internal organs.


  5. We have confidence you will be back, Trixie. Neither Dennis the Menace … uh, we mean Dennis or the new pup or some stolen blood can get you down.


  6. Will be thinking of you, Miss Trixie. I’m certain the doctor has your best interest at heart. Paws crossed that all goes smoothly and you’ll be back home and in tip-top shape in no time at all.



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  8. Sending lots of POTP from one beautiful alpha girl to another….
    Smileys and crossed paws,


  9. Trixie, we are a little late visiting today, but we hope all went well for you today. It is tough being 16 sometimes, but at the same time what a blessing!!! That little one is so darn cute – we can’t believe she is crazy:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


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