Trixie Thursday: Some Good News, Some No News

hello gentle readers. this is the beautiful trixie with an update on my condition. but first let me thank you all for your kind words and concern. here’s a nice old picture of me with my pretty face on for everyone.

me a long time ago
me a long time ago

so today i spent quite a bit of time at one of tucker’s old specialty vet practices (tucker being, as they say, the face that launched — or at least paid for — a thousand yachts) where they went over my x-rays again, took more pictures of my insides, and stole some more blood to sell. or maybe it was blood and cells. but anyway i did get some good news from all the poking and prodding. the mass that the x-rays showed in my chest and around my lungs is just fat. not that i am fat. but anyway it is not a mass or a tumor after all. based on that they no longer think i have something called lymphoma, so that was good news.

unfortunately the other masses really are there, so for the adrenal tumor the vets sold my blood to a laboratory to take a look at something called acth and they also sold my cells to somebody called a pathological liar to see what exactly they all are. or maybe that was pathologist. anyway this includes cells from a new mass that they found in my posterior regions that may be a return of some mean cells that i had removed from that area many years ago. they think those bad cells and the bad cells in my intestines are probably the same bad cells, and they think and everyone is hoping that these bad cells may be treatable with medicines of some sort. the pathological person will tell them for sure. i guess that means more pills. but if they come wrapped in pork rolls then that is all right.

everyone was very pleased about the news regarding the mass in my chest, and here i am home again, where i hope to remain for a good while longer. dennis was so thrilled to see me again that he completely forgot to greet dada. but dada is always underfoot so that’s understandable. we are waiting to hear what the laboratory and the pathologicalist have to say about the purloined goods that were sent to them. we should know more tomorrow, which silly dada will probably call fluffy friday. as if every day is not fluffy where i am concerned.

this is the beautiful trixie, signing off for the evening. thank you and good night.

17 thoughts on “Trixie Thursday: Some Good News, Some No News

  1. We’re glad you have some good news, beautiful Trixie. We hope you get even better news soon. So Dennis was glad to see you home? He wasn’t afraid to be left home with the little one, was he?


  2. Trixie, you are still as beautiful as ever. We are happy to hear that there was some good news – at 16 that is wonderful!!! All paws crossed for all the rest of the stuff to be manageable. We will all be thinking about you.

    Hugs and Woos – Ciara and Lightning and Mom


  3. Excellent news on the fat in your chest! (Hey, you never know when the ninja hedgehogs will steal all your food and you’ll have to live off the fatty lump in your chest…) And we’re with you – any medicine that comes in pork rolls can’t be all bad. Mom is nodding her head about buying a thousand yachts. I have No Idea What she is talking about, but our Mom is usually off her rocker most of the time anyway!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  4. Hello Beautiful Trixie,
    We have been anxiously awaiting an account of how your appointment went, thank you for a well written report and encouraging news. We’re looking forward to seeing you in September and meeting your little sister (who will be quite a bit bigger by then though). Have Mama & Dada lay in a good supply of treats for you, you certainly deserve as many pork rolls as they’ll give you. Watch out for Dennis, he may try and sneak some for himself. Hugs to you all.
    Love, Mimmier & Grandpa XOXOXOX


  5. Whew….thanks so much for the update Trixie! We were thinking about you today!
    Continued POTP headed your way for good results from the pathological liar!
    Happy Smileys!


  6. Telling a beautiful lady she has fat on her chest seems rather gauche even if it is good news. Many paws crossed that the people with the purloined parts have more good news.


  7. So glad to see the update tonight, Beautiful Trixie, and to hear some encouraging news about you! Continuing with crossed paws. Pills wrapped in pork rolls sound a lot better than a spoonful of sugar! ;-9 Awww, so nice to know Dennis missed you! Thanks for letting us know what is going on. Rest up, sweetheart.



  8. I’m glad you got this good news and I hope for more good news from that pathological liar pawson. I hope the pills are wrapped in the tastiest pork rolls of slice earth and they help you to control that bad cells. POTP for the beautiful Trixie, hope for good news for you and your dada today.


  9. This is good news, Trixie, and our paws will remain crossed for you. Gee, pork rolls sound a whole lot better to us than peanut butter or cream cheese!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


  10. Dear Beautiful Trixie, That is certainly some fine news and we are hoping (along with all your other friends) that the rest of the problems are manageable. I think of you often and the happy time we got together, lets hope for that again.

    Your pal,



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