happy slitely belayted maybe birthday to me!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo hav ben a nice reeder for a long time then yoo may reemember way bak wen dada reeported on wot he thawt mite be my histry before i wuz fownd wandring in a kanyon but if not and yoo ar intrested yoo kan reed abowt it heer its ok go ahed i wil wayt!!!

me in october too thowsand and seven

hello nice reederz welkum bak its stil dennis the vizsla dog now sinse it has ben wel over a yeer sinse my brother tucker the other vizsla went away and i hav gottin a noo vampire hunting sister and we hav gottin sum not so gud nooz abowt my beloved sister the byootiful trixie dada has ben thinking abowt my histry agin and so he reeternd to the innerweb wayback masheen to see if ennything noo had appeerd in the arkives of the layt website for the layt breeder wot they suspekt raised me and my brothers before she passd away unekspektedly!!!


and wot did dada find this time??? he fownd this!!!


as yoo may rekall wen i wuz fownd wandring in the kanyon i wuz with two other boy dogs and wun girl dog and evrywun had always assoomd we wer all brothers and sisters but now mama and dada think that in fakt the boy dogs wer my brothers and we ar the three boys left frum the poor breeders last litter before she got sik and passd away!!! and they think the girl dog wuz my mama dog!!!

me with the dog wot mama and dada wunse thawt is my sister but now think is my mama
ar yoo my mummy???

now of korse no wun kan ever no for shoor if i am reely wun of those three dogs or if this wuz reely my breeder but the dates match up to how old the vet thawt i wuz wen mama and dada adopted me and the jeeografee matches up to ware we wer fownd so eeven if i am not wun of those three dogs mama and dada hav deesided to deklare july twenny sixth to be my birthday!!!

i do not smel birthday kayk on akkownt of my nose is not verry gud but i bet saya smels it!!!

so in that kayse tooday is maybe a happy ninth birthday to me!!!

wel i just met yoo and this may be krazy but it mite be my birthday so hav sum kayk pleez!!!

i hope i git sum nice prezzents wot i promiss to shayr with the byootiful trixie and maybe eeven with saya!!!

Changed my mind. Not sharing presents.
chayndjd my mind!!!  not shayring!!!  sych!!!

of korse having a home is the best prezzent of all and i am alreddy shayring that with saya so i gess i do not hav to shayr my other prezzents with her after all!!! altho teknikly trixie is shayring her home with me so she stil gits to shayr my prezzents of korse!!!!

Trixie is not impressed with my regifting of old Dell PC towers to her.
hmm trixie apeerz unimpressd by my attempt to regift her a kuple of old kompyooters

oh wel sorry trixie it is the thawt wot kownts!!!  ha ha ok bye

29 thoughts on “happy slitely belayted maybe birthday to me!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Dennis… I’m sure efurry day in your furever furmily is like a birthday… have a great day and enjoy the gifts (old compawters are cool, ask billy gates) the cake and the hugs and kisses.


  2. Happy birthday, Dennis! We don’t care if it is your “real” birthday or not – it sounds good to us! (Mom is blathering on about August 1st being the international birthday for adopted dogs whose birthdays are unknown – as usual, we have No Idea what she is talking about!) Your Dada did some good research, and we say you should go with it. We REALLY think you should mention the Magic Cheeseburger Window to your Momma and Dada – it’s a great birthday tradition! We think you should include a link to your naming story – you have the best ‘how I got my name’ story EVER! Just saying…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

    PeeEss: We’re still sending warm fuzzies through the ether for the beautiful Trixie!


  3. Yes, the thought definitely does count, Dennis. But it is really better to gift something the other party actually wants.

    Happy Birthday! You had a bad break in life but you sure found the perfect home for your idiot … idio … your strange traits.


  4. Happy birthday, Dennis! Your dada is a pretty darn good investigator. Thanks for waiting while I read about you wandering in the canyon. I liked the (later) part about you being in the off-leash park and running back to the car. You certainly knew you had a good thing going! 😀 Enjoy your special day and your cake. I’m sure glad you found the pawrents and pack that you did.



  5. Happy Birthday Dennis!!!

    Shelby also says Happy Birthday and she says….You know, in my house we have a 24 hour rule. No presents have to be shared in the first 25 hours. 🙂


  6. Dennis!! Happy 9th Birthday! We’d never read your whole rescue story before. It sounds really scary to be in a kanyon and not close to a bed or a house or bacon or yogurt or anything. Me and Ruby are both rescue doggies, too, and we have gotcha days, but no one really knows how old we are. You’re lucky your dada is so smart. I lived on the street for a while and was very skinny when I was found by a nice lady, and Ruby was ignored in a backyard for a long time. So let’s all celebrate your birthday, and the fact that we have forever homes!! YAY!! And we’d like to learn about your name, cuz Fiona is so smart and knows all the good stories! Happy Birthday, Friend!

    Otto and Ruby, too


    1. hello ruby and otto its dennis the vizsla dog okay heer it is by popyoolar deemand my nayming storry!!! I am kwoting dada heer so i apolodjize for the profyoozhun of konfyoozing kapitalizayshun and punkchooayshun and wotnot!!!

      At first this male* was believed to be the oldest of the dogs, and in fact, my wife had been calling him “Old Man”; but after our vets examined him, they thought he was probably at most a year or so, mainly based on the good condition of his teeth. (This assessment was corroborated by his behavior once he began to recover his health and his real personality emerged.) My wife continued to call him “Old Man”, though, until I objected, “He’s 37, he’s not old!” And thereafter “Old Man” became known as “Dennis the Constitutional Peasant”.

      *that meenz me!!! dennis the vizsla dog!!!

      so their yoo hav it!!! oh and gess wot??? my mama nos sumwun wot akchooally nos the oridjinal dennis the konstitooshunal pezzant and hoo informd him that i wuz naymd after him!!! i never got a seese and deesist letter so i gess he is okay with it!!! so see saya is not the only wun with a faymus naymsayk!!! ha ha ok bye

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  7. Happy Birthday to you, Dennis!!! We are so happy you got rescued from that canyon and now have such a wonderful home!!! It is also nice to see that Saya has been released from jail and is enjoying your company. Hope all is going well for all of you. Soft and gentle hugs to Trixie.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  8. Happy Birthday Dennis! Your dada is an internet sleuth! Momma wants to know the name of the website that captures the old web data if you could ask your dada. So glad that all that dumping in the canyon ended up with a happy story. I would love some cake, thank you!! We are also saying prayers for The Beautiful Trixie.


    1. hello pink daisy its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez the wayback masheen is at archive.org yoo put in the url of the old site yoo ar lukking for and its off to the rayses!!! he sez the chanses ar gud they wont hav evrything wun is lukking for but the chanses ar also gud they wil hav at leest sum of it!!! ok bye


  9. Happy Birthday Dennis!! We always love rereading your rescue story…and seeing just how far you have come since you found your pawrents….I mean, who would have thought that you would turn out to be so good at fighting off evil villians!!!
    Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    Hi Trixie…I hope you are feeling well today, I just wanted to let you know that I know the reason Dennis got so smart was by having you always there to rescue him!
    Get well Smileys!


  10. Hey Den! Just wanted to wish you a (I’m very sorry it’s) late Happy Birthday! Get your daddy to give you a big birthday hug from your Auntie Abbie here in Scotland!
    So happy to hear you finding out more about your past. Lots of love 🙂 x


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