roomers wot trixie and saya went to the kiropraktor withowt me ar also totaly eksadjerayted!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel last week i had to adress roomers wot trixie and saya had gawn to the harbor withowt me and now this week their is anuther skurrilus roomer wot they went to see the kiropraktor withowt me!!! reedikyoolus yes reedikyoolus i say!!!

Stroller Parking

after all evrywun nos that i am the wun wot goze to the kiropraktor with trixie!!! altho it may be troo that the too of them left the howse at abowt the time trixie yoozhually goze to see the kiropraktor i am shoor they went sumware else!!! maybe to see the vet!!!

“Is this the vet’s office? This is the vet’s office isn’t it?”
“Don’t worry, Saya. Would I be smiling like this if we were at the vet?”

or maybe eeven better they went to the flee market so trixie cud sell saya in ekschayndj for luvly green paypers wot we cud yooze to buy treets!!!

You’re right, Trixie, this isn’t the vet at all!
“See? I told you. You should always listen to your big sister.  After all, it will be up to you to keep Dennis in line after I’m gone.”

but aparently nobuddy wanted to buy saya becuz they both kaym bak afterwards!!!  oh wel!!!  and now that i think abowt it trixie and i never did go owt to the kiropraktor after that so i gess trixie did not hav an appoyntment this week!!!  too bad the kiropraktor is verry nice she always has treets for us after trixie gits her massadj!!!


ennyway i hav no ideea how theez terribul roomers git started!!! i think they must git started by jellus peepul wot git mad seeing sumthing they had wot sumbuddy else is holding!!!

like a bully stik for instanse!!!

nom nom nom nom nom
“Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun the frumious Bandersnatch!”
The Jabberwock never had it so good …

ennyway it shoor is a shaym that on akkownt of that silly puppy trixie had to miss her kiropraktor appoyntment and nobuddy got enny treets at all!!!

but at leest i got a nice birthday kard and lots and lots and lots of green paypers frum my mimmier and pippier!!!

dennis the vizsla!!! that is me!!! pay no attenshun to dadas silly buk wot he is editing in the bakgrownd just pay attenshun to me me me me!!!
wot a kyoot littel duk!!! with a kyoot littel speetch impedament!!!
sit??? ok shoor littel duk if their ar green payperz and a bully stik in it for me i wood be happy to sit!!!

yes i am ritch i am a happy mizer!!! and just to show that i am not greedy i wil not spend the munny on myself insted i wil buy an arownd the wurld krooze tikkit for that krazy noo saya dog!!! watch wot happins after i seekretly slip a mickey into her food bowl so that she kan be shanghaid onto the bote with a minimum of fuss!!!

enny minnit now … enny minnit now …
mwah ha ha ha ha the mickey has wurkd perfektly!!!

see yoo in a fyoo yeerz saya!!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!!

“I’m awake again! Let’s play!”

oh wel i gess i forgot to tayk into akkownt the inkredibul abilitee of a vizsla puppys unbeleevabul enerdjee level to overkum enny sedativ!!! at leest the over the kownter wuns!!! ok bye

18 thoughts on “roomers wot trixie and saya went to the kiropraktor withowt me ar also totaly eksadjerayted!!!

  1. omd omd omd you ARE rich… although you are a vizsla and no ridgeback… I’m rich too, I won 5 bucks in the lottery… let’s buy the world and some shoes by Jimmy Choo! I bet that rumors came from the ole hag in my neighborhood … she always hears the bells ringing without seein their swinging…. I dunno what that means, probably that this woman is a mole butt with big ears… maybe a MOLE-PHANT…


  2. I’m so glad you are shedding truth on the skurrilus roomers that someone is spreading about you and your family.

    Saya doesn’t look like a puppy, she looks like a stately mini-Dennis.


  3. Lots of times when you are rich, your parents will offer to take care of your green papers and keep them safe and whot happens to them when they offer, you never see them again. So be careful about this safekeeping business and take care of your own green papers!

    Sadder but wiser Stella,
    Your good pal


  4. Dennis, we think you do protest too much – Saya seems to have wriggled her way right under your paw:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  5. Dennis, are you actually reaching your paw out to touch your sister?!? BTW, you might want to up the strength of that mickey you slipped her – it didn’t work for very long….

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  6. Oh, nice bday prezzie! But why do these horrible rumors keep happening to you?? It must be because you are a huge star. Everybody loves to spread rumors about big stars! (Nice job slipping Saya a mickey!)


  7. Trixie and the Jabberwoky were at a spa Dennis… But that gave you ample time to plan your next move. May be time to collaborate with Darth vader or some squirrel storm troopers…


  8. You got money for your birthday? Wow! I chewed some up once, you is right to exchange it for treats, it does not taste that great.
    When you manage to send Saya off, take Arran with you. Two years and he stull here!
    ~lickies, Ludo!


  9. OMC you got green papers for your birfday?? Hope you got your treats Dennis 🙂 Darn kids……..Never do stay asleep……


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