roomers wot trixie and saya went and got yogurt withowt me ar starting to seem strayndjly kredibul!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel the roomers kontinyoo unabayted this time wurd on the street is that trixie and saya went to git yogurt withowt me!!! is it posibul that theez roomers cud be troo??? now i am never wun to subskribe to konspirasee theereez or krakpot stories but it seems to me that with all theez roomers flying arownd and trixie and sayas reepeeted disapeerenses that their may be sumthing heer wot i shud investigayt!!!


i think it is more likely that trixie and saya ar rooteenly beeing tayken away and interrogayted by ninja hedjhogs or sumthing rather then going owt for yogurt or to the kiropraktor or to the harbor withowt me!!! i meen wot mayks more sense that they wood go owt sumware nice or that they wood be abdukted by spiny terrorists???

“I wonder what that little cup of vanilla yogurt is doing over there.”


terrorists obviusly!!! and wot do we yooze aginst terrorists??? we yooze drones!!!


wunse i hav this baby in the air i wil no for shoor wot the hek is going on!!!

“For me? All mine? Seriously?”
nom nom nom nom nom

yes shoorly this hi tek plan of mine kannot fail!!!


i wil be bak nekst week with a ful report of wot is reely going on with trixie and saya!!! just yoo wayt!!! ok bye

19 thoughts on “roomers wot trixie and saya went and got yogurt withowt me ar starting to seem strayndjly kredibul!!!

  1. I think Dennis will need to build a new drone since the little critters seem to find this one tasty. As for me I would like a scoop of that ice cream since it is sooo hot out, it might cool me off.

    Your old pal,



  2. Going out for yoghurt without you AND not bringing any back for you? It must be because Saya is such a handful that it takes 3 beings to accompany her in public and they were too frazzled to remember to buy a cup for you!


  3. I think there needs to be a “Just Dennis the Vizsla Dog” day, with your own visit to the chiropractor, followed by a restful afternoon at the harbor, AND your own cup of yogurt….just sayin’….

    I’m pullin’ for ya, Dennis. 😀


    P.S., that is an awfully sweet picture of The Beautiful Trixie, while waiting to have her yogurt.



  4. Dennis, I really don’t tell anyne this, but I don’t get to go a lot of places either, because I act like a NUTBAR when I’m on my leash. SIGH… That pretend yogurt looks really good.



  5. We find it very hard to believe that Dada and Mama would do that to you, Dennis. But those photos are mighty suspicious. We suggest you camp out in the Dada vehicle and see what is really happening.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  6. What?! And they didn’t bring you any home? What is up with your staff? You must get on them STAT. Hang out in the car for the next ride. I think I’ll do the same – snorts. XOXO – Bacon


  7. Hmmm. These rumors seem to be adding up. You can dismiss one or two, but when fro yo is involved… Well, s#*t just got real. I hope you can get to the bottom of this with your balsa wood drone!


  8. Mee-you Dennis mee finks you better hurry an et thee plane inn thee air!
    Wee can see Trixie eatin yogurt there!!!
    Are you sure you not want to go with her an Saya??
    It wood bee easier…oh an there iss a varmit chewin on yur plane!
    Bee seein you!
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  9. Oh Dennis, poor you, did they bring you some back anyways? Um, after they escaped from the Ninja Hedgehogs and all.
    Hey, I like beautiful Trixie’s black tongue, is she part chowchow?


    1. hello shelties its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes she is!!! the shelter told mama and dada she wuz a chow shepherd miks but they hav deesided she has probly also got rottweiler in her on akkownt of her leg markings!!! ok bye


  10. Oh Oh Dennis, they didn’t come home and tell you “it’s a ‘girl’ thing” like all those woofies do to me here did they????


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