18 thoughts on “Observed Around The House

  1. Hmmmm Dennis I thing you are in trouble, you are getting no back up here. Trixie is was to busy with her ice cream.


  2. Nice try, Dennis, but you are not getting a consensus to send her back from this bunch.

    By the way, why is there a conference room in your house and do the humans ever use it?


  3. Lets let Mr. Cool the GS give
    Saya dog lessons, he is just sooo Hip.
    But here is something else I have never seen a squirrel quite like the one in your yard. Most of them don’t have such lengthy TAILS. He might be a freak of nature and have other odd things about him. I could sure use one of those enormous, multi-colored ice cream cones, send me one, Trixie?

    Your pal,


  4. Dennis, I think it’s time you taught your li’l sis about good-4-nuttin’ skwerrelz! 😀
    P.S. I like that gloved hand serving the ice cream to the Beautiful Miss Trixie.



  5. Given the various nefarious creatures with whom you associate, you’re worried about Saya not being a dog?!? And since you aren’t trying to steal some of Trixie’s ice cream cone, we’re sort of wondering whether you are actually a dog, too…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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