fun times before surdjeree!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel the morning before saya hurt her eer we wer dooing sum playing!!!  and by playing i meen i wuz sitting arownd and saya wuz running arownd like a loonatik chek it owt!!!

ah the gud old days wen saya didnt hav a kone on her hed and wuz aybel to run arownd and bark at me and harass me and konstantly try to git me to play and hmm i think i am inkriminayting myself in wot happend to her!!!  i wuz not involvd i sware!!!  git better soon saya!!!  ok bye

Throwback* (Trixie And Tucker) Thursday: Sunday Awards And Meme Show Original Host Auditions**


Trixie: “I won’t get paid AND I’ll have to deal with weirdo guests? Good luck finding a dog crazy enough to host an awards and meme show under those conditions.”

Tucker: “I thought we were auditioning for lunch.”

*I’m in the process of re-tagging my photos after exporting them from Aperture and reworking them into a folder-based library using Lyn as a browser and basic editor, so you can expect to see more Throwback Thursday posts than usual for a while as I find and tag old pictures that I may not have looked at for a long time.

**This picture was taken almost exactly 12 years ago today, on 9/16/2003. That makes Tucker not quite five years old, and Trixie about four. Despite their youth, they were both still wise enough not to take the hosting gig.