The Thing Under The Settee

14 Comments on “The Thing Under The Settee

  1. Just your good luck you were up top, Dennis. Our Sunday greetings to The Beautiful Trixie, too.

    Your pal,



  2. Well, we know for certain that Alfred Hitchcock is not under the settee, but I still kept watch for him. Maybe that was his hand off to the left of the screen. 😀

    Those are mighty cute paws, Miss Saya! Dennis, I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, resting on the settee.



  3. That two-pawed thing under the settee has learned a cool trick – how to get Dada to return the toy:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  4. Ummmm…Dennis, did you know you had extra paws under your settee???
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  5. Hehehe. Cute! Rita would love to play that game. Our settee is only big enough for the ball to go under, so her fave game is knock the ball under the settee and make Momma dig it out!


  6. Where did your human buy such a settee, Dennis? I’d like mine to buy one for me. Love the moving legs and ball retrieval features. When I knock a ball under out furniture it just stays there!


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