sayv the swimming lessens!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am interrupting labor day with a messadj for my frends wot liv in the mithikal land of kalifornya!!! now sum of yoo may reemember wun of my klassik posts abowt swimming lessens i no frankie furter reemembers it wel!!! but heer is a littel ekserpt for frends hoo may not rekall that day i spent in the pool!!!

wot the heck is that funny kote for???

ennyway tooday we reeseevd a kall for help frum the playse wot duz those swimming lessens!!! it seems a wel intenshund but overly brawdly wurded proposal is under konsiderayshun wot wood mayk it diffikult if not imposibul for playses like them to stay in bizness!!! i hav reeprodoosd this messadj below if yoo liv in the mithikal land of kalifornya and find that yoo agree that this proposal is overly inkloosiv and wood deprive dogs like myself or rather dogs wot akchooally need and enjoy swimming lessens and hyd … hydro … gitting therapee in the water and ar helpd by the yoose of underwater tredmils then pleez konsider sining the petishuns to hav the langwidj of this proposal chayndjd!!! thank yoo and we now reetern yoo to yore regyoolarly skedjoold labor day alreddy in progress!!! ok bye

The Total Dog,
Canine Aquatic Center

Injury Recovery and Fitness Training

Thank You for your continued support, and for allowing us to be of service to your beloved pet.

Natalie and Heather

Here it is – our plea to you!

Please help keep our doors open for business – and help save your right to receive needed services for your pet.

The California Veterinary Medical Board is proposing new language to define Animal Rehabilitation as Veterinary Medicine (including but not limited to hydrotherapy, massage and exercise); further define who can offer the services and only under direct veterinary supervision could those services be offered.

While the Board’s intent is to protect the public and their pets from unlicenced persons performing animal rehabilitation – THE PROPOSED LANGUAGE NEEDS TO BE MODIFIED.

Here is a link to the VMB proposal

Your right to utilize the services of The Total Dog would be limited, if not eliminated.

The current proposal would:

1) include hydrotherapy, massage and strategic exercise to be defined as Veterinary Medicine.

2) limit such services (and more) to be performed ONLY by a Registered Veterinary Technician, Physical Therapist or Veterinarian

3) require a Veterinarian to be on the premise for such tasks to be performed.

Effectively, if this language is passed into law as written:

1) it would be illegal for any veterinarian to refer patients to The Total Dog

2) it would be illegal for The Total Dog to offer hydrotherapy, strategic exercises and massage therapy. 

3) it would not permit persons who are licensed, educated and skilled to offer services – without a veterinarian present.


Written comments, including those sent by mail, facsimile, or e‐mail to the addresses listed under “Contact Person” in this Notice, must be received by the Board at its office no later than 5:00 p.m. on September 10, 2015, or must be received by the Board at any hearing.Suggested ways to stop this proposal:

Sign these Petitions

Click on the link or cut/paste to your search engine

Animal Owners Protect Your Right


Physical Therapy for Animals

Send Written Comments

Inquiries or comments concerning the proposed rulemaking action may be addressed to:

Name: Elizabeth Bynum
Address: Veterinary Medical Board
1747 N. Market Blvd., Ste. 230
Sacramento, CA 95834
Telephone No.: 916‐515‐5237
Fax No.: 916‐928‐6849
Email address:

The backup contact person is:
Name: Ethan Mathes
Address: Veterinary Medical Board
1747 N. Market Blvd., Ste. 230
Sacramento, CA 95834
Telephone No.: 916‐515‐5227
Fax No.: 916‐928‐6849
Email address:

The Total Dog
3060 Industry Street, Ste. 108
Oceanside, CA 92054

7 thoughts on “sayv the swimming lessens!!!

  1. We had Mama sign….sometimes we wonder about the lawmakers in the mythical land of California….
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  2. Since I live in Minniesnowda, I don’t think I am qualified to sign but I wish you all kinds of luck in winning your wishes. Dennis, I went back and read the original post about swimming lessons and all of the comments, and about 200% of the people and pups who wrote thinks it would be good for you to become a bona fide swimmer. I am almost 10 years old and have never known a dog who couldn’t swim! So keep up with your lessons and your luggage kote and you will become a swimmer too! Then you can come and visit me in MInniesnowda and we will have a heck of a good time swimming in the lakes!

    Your pal, Stella


  3. Good luck Dennis! We wish we lived close to you and could sign but we live in the middle of the cornfields of I-owe-ya.


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