potp for saya!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay heer wuz my noo sister saya last week


heer is my noo sister saya tooday

nice upside down ipod dada

she aparently shook her eerz too mutch and gayv wun of them a reely big aura … aurora … aurora borealis hematoma wot reekwired surdjeree and menny menny menny stitches to repair!!! she wil hav to be in the kone of shaym with her hed rappd up for three weeks!!!

i bet yoo git a free bowl of soop with that upside down ipod

now i no that in the past saya and i hav had owr diffrenses like abowt wether or not i shud play with or and wether or not she is reely a dog however beeing put in the kone of shaym for almost a munth is not a fayt i wood wish on ennybuddy!!!


ennyway i am not shoor if the nekst three weeks ar going to be ruffer on saya or on mama and dada!!! so maybe we shud send the power of the paw to all three of them!!! fortchoonatly my mimmier and grandpa ar visitting to provide sum moral support and also tayk pikchers of saya lukking pathetik wot i kan yooze to blakmayl her in the fyootcher!!! git better soon saya ok??? ok bye

24 thoughts on “potp for saya!!!

    1. hello amanda its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for this sugjestchun!!! dada told the vetnameez peepul he wood stop and pik up an inflaytabul or a soft kollar but they sed no for this partikyoolar injuree they rekommend the ridjid kollar to protekt the eer frum bumps and skratches!!! i am shoor saya wood mutch preefer a comfy kone to a hard kone tho!!! ok bye


  1. Oh, poor Saya. What a terrible fate to have to wear the cone of shame for a month. We hope she behaves herself – no head shaking – so she heals completely. We send the POTP to all of you.


  2. Oh no, poor Saya!!! We don’t like to see any of our pals in the cone of shame. All paws crossed for a good healing.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  3. Little girl Saya ! I am so sorry for this ear injury you suffered. I am sending the power of 8 paws to you for quick healing.(that’s 4 from me, Stella, and 4 from Zkhat who has wicked good powers.) So how many stitchings did you get on your ear? Its important to know this so you can describe how serious it was, like the surgery took four hours, withn 54 stitchings, and 2 pints of bloods. This is just an example, Saya, you use your numbers!

    Stella and Zkhat


  4. Saya? Did anybody look inside of your ear to see what all the shaking was about??? I had to wear a cone of shame when I first cme to Casa de RottRover cuz I got my, no, I got tutored. I licked anyway and got a big infection, so do what Dennis tells you to do – but only with regards to the CONE!! NOTHING ELSE, SAYA, PROMISE!!



  5. Oh my, little Saya! Sending you pawsitive thoughts for healing quickly. I’m glad your mimmier and grandpa are visiting. That should help the time pass a bit quicker. Maybe Beautiful Trixie will share some ice cream with you…hint, hint. Maybe the whole family could use some ice cream therapy! 🙂

    Thank you, Dennis, for letting us know about your little sister.

    Take care!


  6. Good greef mee ran off fur a few weekss an here iss poor Saya all messed up!!! Shee DOESS look pawthetick doesn’t shee Dennis???
    Poor gurl>>>mee iss sendin POTP to her an yur Pawentss!!
    Iss not easy beein a pup or a kitt……mee has herted meeself a few times butt mee not let LadyMum know. Mee just restss…altho’ when mee fell off thee back of thee fridge LadyMum was goin to take mee to thee Vet Lady. Mee acted all ‘zoomoe zoomie’ like an shee furgot that idea 😉
    Yur furend Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  7. Oh Dennis we are sending tons of POTP and healing karma to Saya!!!! So sorry that her ear got hurt 😦
    Marty, Mom and the Gang


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