Trixie Tuesday: Still Fluffy After All These Years

hello gentle readers. this is the beautiful trixie. dennis tells me dada has been remiss in updating you all on how i am doing. at least i think that’s what he’s trying to tell me. he gets excited sometimes and then he babbles and carries on.

go away, dennis. i don’t need help getting up.

now of course a little over three months ago the pathological people told mama and dada that i had something called a sarcoma in my intestinals and another tumor on my adrenal gland, as well as some other related tumors elsewhere. mama and dada decided it did not make sense at my age — i am at least sixteen years old now, and probably closing in on seventeen — to take out all those important body parts. instead they told me that they would keep me comfortable for as long as possible. i am still pretty comfortable so far.

comfort achieved despite the wreckage left behind by the puppy

i get ice cream most nights, and twice a day i get delicious broth with essiac tea in it. i am not sure what essiac tea is but i do know that drinking tea makes you sophisticated. i don’t see those nutty purebreds drinking tea around here. just me, the beautiful and sophisticated trixie.

don’t you think dada is getting a little old to be eating frosted toaster pastries?

i have good days and i have not so good days. mostly they are still good days.  i don’t get around as well or as much as i used to, but dada brings me my food wherever i happen to be, and because of the tumor in my intestinals he brings me food three or four times a day, even if the portions are smaller.

still fluffy, even if the fluff isn’t as glossy as it used to be

you might notice that one of my ears looks a little floppier than the other. believe it or not, after saya had her aural hematoma, i had a small one, too. instead of big surgery like saya’s, mama and dada had the vet drain mine, and then they treated me with something called prednisone to help keep the hematoma from filling up again. i’m almost done with the prednisone now, which is good. even though it meant extra treats, it upset my stomach a little now and then.

still smiling, even if the smile is a little more tired these days

i don’t get out to the park or on hikes much anymore, but i still get to go out on trips to the pet store, and every week i go see the chiropractor. and of course, i still get to spend many peaceful hours staring at the squirrels on the hill. or at least, peaceful minutes.

ah nice, peaceful, cool, overcast afternoon. the puppy is probably looking at a bug.
still a peaceful afternoon, although now the puppy is staring at me. or maybe at dada. dada, go away and take the puppy with you, okay?
and now i’m surrounded by crazy vizslas, just like i have been for the last sixteen years.  sigh.
take a good long look at the hill, saya. that’s where the enemy lives. and just ignore dennis. he’s probably pointing at a snail or something.

anyway, i don’t need to wander around the neighborhood to find out what’s cooking.  when you’re a dog, the wind brings good things to your nose no matter where you might be.

i would like to thank everyone for the tail wags and purrs and power of the paw that has gotten me this far. the clock is ticking a little slower every day, but it’s still ticking. and when it stops, i’ll get to see tucker again, and we’ll go for a run together through the fields beyond the rainbow bridge, just like we used to do when we were young. and by “together” i mean tucker will run circles around me like a lunatic while i have a nice sedate walk, or maybe a trot. after all, i’m still a lady. except when i’m not.

once upon a time, tucker and i could roughhouse with the best of them.
once upon a time when the grass was green, tucker and i could roughhouse with the best of them.
when nine hundred years old you reach, look as good, you will not.
still keeping the patio free of squirrels

this is the beautiful trixie, over and out.

23 thoughts on “Trixie Tuesday: Still Fluffy After All These Years

  1. Oh baby Trixie, you have a loving Dada looking after you, enjoy your tea an ice cream and trust him, he knows best. And don’t forget to look up my Shadow, I believe he’s chasing rabbits, probably with Tucker…. Kisses and cuddles


  2. Thanks to dada for a wonderful update on the ever beautiful Trixie!
    Must be something going around because my cheeks are wet too.
    It makes me happy to hear that TBT is still enjoying life and that she is getting such wonderful care. POTP is issued daily for her and we send her our love. Keep on enjoying your tea and ice cream, Beautiful Trixie!

    Jo and Stella


  3. Oh, it’s so nice to see a good update about the beautiful Trixie. I’ve been wondering how she was doing. She’s lovely as ever. Love to see her smiling and relaxing and smelling all the smells. Hugs and kisses to you, Miss Trixie!


  4. Awesome awesome update beautiful Trixie!! So glad you are doing ok.
    You are a beautiful lady dog.
    Keep up the good work keeping the Vizslas in shape. We all know whose calls the shots there ( even if they think it’s is them). Keep well trixie doodles, keep well.


  5. Hi Beautiful Trixie! Thank Dennis for reminding dada to update us on you. I’m not feeling swell either, so I may see you and Tucker and Bart and Gizmo at some point soon. I can’t wait to meet you!!

    -The Beautiful Ruby


  6. Oh beautiful Trixie, we are happy to hear you are still having more good days than not so good ones. We hope that continues for a long time. If your loving Mama and Dada have anything to do with it, we are sure it will happen. You are looking quite lovely and fluffy to us. Just keep an eye on those vizslas:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  7. What a lovely update Trixie. I am also so very glad you are still enjoying your good days. Plus, you are doing such a good job training Miss Saya!


  8. We love you, Beautiful Trixie!! We’re glad we had a chance to visit everyone in September. Continue to police the hill and keep Dennis and Saya in check. Hello to Mama & Dada. Love, Mimmier & Grandpa XOXOXOXOX


  9. Trixie – you’re still a beautiful lady! Life has changed for you, but it’s still a good life. Except, of course, for those darn purebreds that CANNOT STOP RUNNING AROUND. It looks like you’re getting Saya trained though to chase bugs and Dennis instead of you. Too bad Dennis can’t be trained to bother Saya instead of you!



  10. Trixie it is wonderful to see you and to hear that you are still enjoying your good days! Sending you lots of luvs and positive POTP for as long as you need it!
    Marty, Mom and the Gang


  11. So nice to see you again, Miss Beautiful Trixie! Thank you to your mama and dada for the update. Glad to hear that you are still having good days – of course, ice cream and ‘high tea’ always make a girl’s day better! 🙂
    Sending love and gentle pets.


    P.S. Tell your brother, Dennis, that I saw a Vizsla being walked down Main Street (rural Indiana) here this past weekend. It appeared to be behaving quite nicely on the leash.


  12. ***play bowsss***
    Lady Trixie yur a berry soffisticated doggie drinkin tea an havin foodabullss brott to you! Yur also berry brave an an innspirayshun to mee a humbull kittyboy….
    Mee had to type because LadyMum bursted into teerss when shee read yur post to mee. Shee says shee has a softie spot fur you…..
    Mee iss sendin POTP so that you have sum more good dayss an stay with us a while longer….
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~
    an {{{HUGS}}} LadyMum


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