Medical Monday: The Beautiful Foot Warmer

hello gentle readers. this is the beautiful trixie, or as saya sometimes calls me, the beautiful foot warmer.

foot warmer foot warmer warm up my feet

thank you everyone for your support and tail wags and purrs. it does an old dog good to know she has so many friends out there pulling for her. here i am back with an update on how i am doing and feeling these days.

over thanksgiving mama and dada noticed that i was feeling a little bit off and that my deposits in the back yard had grown suspiciously dark, and mama says that i don’t smell like i used to. she likens it to a litter box, which is a little disappointing — if i’m going to smell like a litter box, i want it to be because i’ve been stealing treasures from one. you would think saya would have said something about the smell before now, since lately she likes to sleep with her nose in my furs, but i guess she didn’t want to embarrass an old lady by telling her she smelled funny.

gee your hair smells terrific

so dada took me back to the white coat place, where they stole more of my blood and poked me and worst of all looked in my ears with an otoscope.  saya, what do you and i think of otoscopes after our aural hematomas?

we hates them

but it was good that we went because the man in the white coat confirmed that there are a lot of bloods coming out in my deposits right now. that’s not supposed to be there and if you ask me it is pretty rude of either crips or bloods to mess with me like this. anyway they are hoping it is just a side effect of the prednisone, and so that has been stopped (i was almost done with it anyway) and i am now on special ulcer healing medication. we should know next week if the ulcer healing medication is helping to stop the bloods. if the bloods keep coming then it is likely that my intestinal sarcoma has started bleeding. if that turns out to be the case then it will be time to say goodbye to saya and dennis and hello to tucker and those two cats who used to live here and all my other friends who have crossed the bridge ahead of me. but i hope i get to stay a little longer. otherwise where will the puppy put her nose when she sleeps? in dennis’s fur? that would hardly be a satisfying experience.

apparently you don’t need a pillow when you have a fluffy sister

oh i almost forgot to tell you about the blood that they stole for testing. i don’t know why they need to steal more of my blood when i’m already losing it but humans are funny. their tests showed that my kidney values have gone moderately up from what they were before. i guess going up is good when you are talking about stocks but bad when you’re talking about kidney values, but they’re not so far up as to be cause for alarm yet. they also showed that my white blood cells were up, probably because of my body trying to throw those nasty tumors out. unfortunately we know that’s not a fight i can win, but that doesn’t mean i will stop trying. and when it’s time to go i will go with my senior dog dignity intact. not like that time years and years ago when mama and dada had my backside shaved and then put me in the blue ring of shame. i sure would hate it if one of those pictures ever surfaced again.

not cool, dada. not cool at all.

not cool, dada. not cool at all.

27 thoughts on “Medical Monday: The Beautiful Foot Warmer

  1. We hope that the bloods and the crips stop messing with you, because really, now that your Dada has posted that photo on the interwebs, we know you are ready to go kick some shaved butt! We’ll keep our paws crossed that all this is just prednisone related (Abby is STILL trying to lose her prednisone weight…) – nasty stuff. And me, Fiona, I like old lady smell – I used to snuggle with TaiChi every chance I got – Saya is totally on to something there! We’ll keep sending you good thoughts through the ether (even though we know that comment is bound to have Dennis wearing a tinfoil hat again…).

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  2. Thanks for the update, beautiful one. Good news and bad news. We are keeping all paws crossed that you will continue to be the voice of reason in Dennis’ Diary as long as possible.


  3. What is it about peeps and embarrassing photos!! Sheesh!

    We are sorry to hear about all the gang problems you are having Trixie…we have our paws crossed you stay comfy on this side of the bridge for awhile longer :-).
    Snuggles and Smileys!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  4. Oh Trixie!
    No wonder Saya likes to be in your wonderful furs. Who wouldn’t? You just ignore that smell thing. We dogs know there no bad smells only different ones. We is keeping our paws continually crossed for you!
    ~lickies, Ludo


  5. I guess you have to say when you are ready to cross the bridge, but I want you to know, I would miss you terribly, Beautiful Trixie, and hope you will stay as long as you can. Do you remember that I am the one who began calling you The Beautiful Trixie ? And every one agrees with me.

    Love and prayers for you
    from your pal, Stella, her Mom and the Zkhat

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    1. i do remember that, my friend the beautiful stella. before that i was just trixie or trixie the mutt or trixie the chow shepherd mix, but the beautiful trixie is such a better name for me. i will stay here as long as i can. without me, who will keep dennis and saya in line?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I didn’t know that Stella began calling you The Beautiful Trixie! Stella also named ME!! Tribe, we are sending you lots of love and just know that Bart and Gizmo will need someone to boss them around when you get to the bridge, or so mom says.

        -Otto, and Ruby, too

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Puppies aren’t the only ones who like to bury their noses in furs. That cracker Loki does it all the time to Juno. It’s the price you pay for being beautiful. Trixie, I sure hope your deposits go back to being beautiful too and you can continue warming saya’s paws and nose. We all love you!


  7. Hi Trixie, this is Joe Stains and Tanner’s Mom, I hope you remeber those crazy Boston Terriers. Tanner had a bleeding sarcoma and took a great Chinese herb called Yunnan Baiyao. Maybe Dada can check it out and talk to those white coat people about it. Paws crossed for you.

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    1. Joe Stains was my intro to dog blogs and even though Joe is gone, the blogs are still a pleasure to read. Are you blogging now, Rhonda?
      Best wishes to you,
      Jo and Stella


      1. Hi Jo and Stella! I am not currently blogging, but @stevethebt is on Twitter if you want to follow him. Joe and Tanner are together over the rainbow bridge.


    2. hello rhonda, this is the beautiful trixie. oh yes i surely do remember our old friends joe stains and tanner. i’m sure joe is a regular at tucker’s everlasting rainbow bridge buffet. thank you for the herb suggestion, i will bring it to dada’s attention. i am sure he will be happy to give it a try since he already has me drink essiac tea and various other herbal tinctures every day.


  8. Dennis you are not alone in your feelings towards your dogs. We had to have our 12yr old dog cross the rainbow bridge a year ago. Had him for almost 11 1/2 yrs and we called him Mr. Perfect but when they found a tumor on his neck then we knew that it was time for him to get out of his pain and suffering. You could tell it was not the same dog. Still brings tears to my eyes thinking about that day but someone told us that “love” is not holding on but letting go. Take care, Jim


  9. Hey Trixie!
    Wow, you are looking especially beautiful today, my floofy furiend! I can see why you’d make a sweet, soft pillow and nose and paw warmer. I wish I was there to give you a snuggle. Sending lots of warm vibes, healing hugs and POTP.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish


  10. We do NOT know HOW Dennis will stay even CLOSE to the Sane World, without YOU to keep him grounded, Trixie… We fear fur ALL of us….
    WE have our paws Crossed fur YOU and fur a good long time Left… as Saya’s Feets warmer and Dennis’s Voice of Reason…


  11. Trixie, we have been thinking about you a lot lately. When we visit here, we wonder how you are doing. Thanks for the pupdate, and how we wish there was better news to share. We know that you have a Mama and Dada who will do all they can to keep you comfortable and when you let them know it is time to go visit Tucker and the others, they will understand. Little Saya seems to like you a lot. We hope you find comfort in her puppy love.

    Hugs and Woos – Ciara and Lightning and Mom too


  12. Thank you for the update, Trixie. Saya is likely just trying to be close while you are still here to snuggle up to. We hope you have a lot more good days with your family. We know they love you. And so do your friends.


  13. Oh, beautiful Miss Trixie – not cool at all of dada to put the shaved butt pics up. As we say at our house: “hashtag bad dada.” (Although usually it’s “hashtag bad momma”.) The pictures of you with Saya are so sweet. I’m sure she thinks you smell divine. We are wishing you the best and that you are comfy and happy! Big hugs coming your way from me and some gentle nose-pokes from Rita.


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