The Rainbow Bridge Is A Little More Beautiful Today

Rest in peace, Trixie. You were the best and sweetest girl.

The Beautiful Trixie, 1999 - 12/6/2015
The Beautiful Trixie, 1999 – 12/6/2015

dennis always said sisters make the best pillows.
i'm passing the pillow job on to you, saya.
i’m passing the pillow job on to you, saya.
it's going to be your job to keep dennis in line now, saya. good luck. you'll need it.
i’m also giving you the job of keeping dennis in line. good luck, little sister. you’ll need it.
Ah, the sea. I'm pretty sure there are some adventures across it.
ah, i think i see the rainbow bridge coming in from across the sea. i’m pretty sure there are new adventures to be had on the other side.


Trixie & Tucker, Together Again
Trixie & Tucker, Together Again

33 thoughts on “The Rainbow Bridge Is A Little More Beautiful Today

  1. We’ve been waiting, knowing today was Trixie’s day. It’s with great sadness and tears we acknowledge her passing, but with a big smile that she was such a joy to her family all these years. She will be missed! A warm hug for her mama and dada.


  2. Mom is making THAT face as she hears a Hall&Oates song…something about back together again back together again…

    Wear your wings with FURRY pride Angel Trixie!

    We know woo’ve made it fur our sunset tonight showed us so!

    Hugz&Khysses To The Bestest Family For Seeing Woo Went With DIGnity!

    Khyra and Holly


  3. We’re sorry to hear that it was Trixie’s time to cross the Rainbow Bridge but we bet Tucker was very happy to see his old friend again. Run free sweet girl.

    Millie, Walter and mom Cindy


  4. So sorry to hear of Trixie’s passing. I’m sure Tucker was waiting to greet her and show her the ropes. Both of them had long and wonderful lives in your family, and I am sure they are both watching over your family now. Thinking of you and Kelly at this difficult time.


  5. Oh dear friends, we are so very sorry to hear about dear Trixie. We know there are no words, so we send you special hugs and all our love. Run free dear girl.


  6. Beautiful Trixie, we know the time has come, but it still makes us sad to see you go. Your Mama and Dada gave you a beautiful sendoff post today and we loved the past week’s worth of memories too. Celebrating you while you were still here – the way it should be. We have tears too. Soft woos and gentle hugs to your family. Saya and Dennis, we hope you heard what the very wise Trixie has passed along to you.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

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  7. Oh, Dennis, my eyes are all wet, knowing it was The Beautiful Trixie’s day to go to the Bridge. I am happy she has Tucker there with her, and I hope she will get to meet our beautiful Sophie, the Greyhound, who has been at the bridge for quite a long time now. Hugs to all of you. ♥



  8. Here we are, all crying because a favorite, beautiful dog is gone and over the Rainbow Bridge they are having the biggest party yet, welcoming the Beautiful Trixie to her new home. The pups are all putting out the best food, finding the best bed, and greeting her because they know from Tucker, she is the kindest, most loving pal. We are going to miss you, Beautiful Trixie, and we will always think of you warmly.

    Stella, Zkhat and Jo


  9. Run free sweet Trixie. We have tears and smiles. Tears because you had to go and smiles at all the love and happy memories of you we will carry in our hearts…
    You were the best Alpha Big Sister Mentor another Alpha Big Sister could have!
    Hugs to your family….
    Dory, Mama Beth (Daddy Ed and Jakey, Bilbo and Arty too)


  10. Beautiful Trixie will be deeply missed by all that have met her but most deeply by Jim, Kelly, Dennis & Saya. Tuck has met her at the bridge to make sure she will be ok in her forever home. She will always be beautiful and missed by many on earth.


  11. Oh, I am so very sad to hear about sweet Trixie! She will make the most beautiful angel ever. What great pix of her for your post today. My whole pack is sending warm hugs and loving vibes to all of you. We’re so sorry.
    Sarge, Lori & Stan


  12. Dennis, so sorry for you loss. Trixie is now running free of the effects of old age and will be waiting for you when you cross the rainbow bridge.


  13. Trixie & Tucker are reunited!!! We send our condolences to all of you there….Run free in Summerland Trixie!! (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    Mee mee-you Dennis an Saya an furamille mee iss berry sad that Trixie had to go to Pure Land. She an Tucker will look down on youss’ with LUV fur ever!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx


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