Wordless Wednesday: Florence Martingale


16 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Florence Martingale

  1. That is a very lovely color pattern to accentuate your gorgeous furs, Miss Saya. Methinks you have some Greyhound connections. 🙂



  2. We didn’t get it at first but there really is a Florence Martingale dog collar. So you have a head smaller than your neck, Saya, and this protects you from getting loose. Except for your exploits, of course!


  3. Oh yes, that is very beautiful!!! Ciara would love one like that too. Lightning prefers to go nekkid:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  4. What a beautimous new collar, Saya!! We (the boyz) wear martingdale collars here too!


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