14 thoughts on “You May Already Be A Winner

  1. guess what? the good news is I won in the same lottery… the bad is, we have to share that 87 millions now…that means we only get a half pool with liver…butt isn’t that amazing that we bought so much lottery tickets and we never won anything… till we bought no ticket and whap! jackpot… pretty cool huh?


  2. Saya….did you read the small print in Trixie’s book? You know, the part that says never accompany Dennis….someone has to stay behind and be ready to rescue him!!


  3. We have the feeling you are all going to be in debtor’s prison by the time you spend all your mama and dada’s money to try to collect. Dennis, when will you learn money isn’t everything? It only pays the rent and you don’t have to pay any.


  4. We sure hope you find your fortune in that pool of liver – while you are at it, liver is pretty tasty, so enjoy!!!

    Good luck, but we are a bit worried.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  5. Apparently we have several relatives who left us millions in Africa somewhere so if you need green papers we can probably send you a few million once we get it.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  6. Tell your dada Dennis, if you don’t win enough in the lottery you can have some of my inheritance from my long lost Nigerian relative who has so kindly left me their fortune. I’m just waiting for the funds to be transferred into my bank account. I hope I sent them the right account number, as it has been awhile.


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