go do that voodoo wot yoo do so wel!!! or wot sumbuddy duz so wel ennyway!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog yoo may rekall a fyoo munths ago i menshund how mama and dada tried to suksfully mayd me go to rehab for my hip displeezyas and my arthuritis wel anuther thing wot they ar dooing to help with the displeezyas and the arthuritis is yooze voodoo on me!!!  at leest i think that is wot it is wen sumbuddy stiks pins in yoo rite???

now as i unnerstand it normally with voodoo wun has to go to like the karibbyan or at leest to the mithikal sitty of noo orleenz to find proper praktishuners of voodoo however it terns owt we hav wun in the verry saym offiss ware i go to th vet!!! in fakt the voodoo praktishuner is the vet!!! wot ar the odds?!?!?

this is my seeryus fayse. seeryusly i better git a cookie for this. and by this i meen sitting on a zeebra pattern blanket.
i feel so funky

now of korse i figgerd that if we wer dooing voodoo on my hips displeezya and my arthuritis we wood probly be mayking a voodoo doll of myself and or my hips and or arthur and stikking pins in them after all that is eksaktly wot voodoo is i hav seen it on televizhun!!!  so imadjin my serprize wen insted of a voodoo doll of me the voodoo vet started stikking pins in me direktly!!!

i gess that is wot they kall kutting owt the middeldog!!!

do i hav sumthing on my bakside???  i meen sumthing beesides my tail???

shoorly this wuz sum sort of oversite or dry run or wotever!!!  so i deesided not to wurry abowt it too mutch just yet!!!  beesides mama had cookies!!!

thats not drool on the plastik.  reely its not drool.  ok maybe it is.
is that drool on my leg too???  how did that git their???

i didnt notiss ennymore needel stikking going on after that so i assoom that the voodoo vet reealized her errer and started wurking on the voodoo doll of me insted!!!  altho i never did see the voodoo doll i think that it must be bad luck to see yore own voodoo doll or sumthing!!!  but the important thing is i didnt git ennymore needels stuk in me!!!

i am glad we got this voodoo doll ishyoo straytend owt beefore my bakside ended up full of needels or ennything.
i am not shoor why dada wuz kalling me the roman candel dog tho

now for those of yoo hoo may wunder how stikking needels in a voodoo doll of wunself mite help with wuns hips displeezyas or arthuritis all i kan say is it is siense!!!


ennyway after all the hoodoo voodoo wot wuz dun wuz dun so wel i did feel better and rather sleepy too and i had sumhow ended up with delishus fud smeerd all over my fayse!!!

enny party wot ends with fud all over my fayse had to hav ben a gud wun!!!

so ennyway that is how the hoodoo voodoo helpd git me owt of doodoo!!!  and it also mayd me sleepy wich is a gud thing becuz it is aparently a long flite to the mithikal sitty of liverpool to pik up dadas lottery winnings and nobuddy wants to hav to stay awayk for that!!!


we just hav to git thru this kafeteerya slash buffay thing wot has a serprizingly lardj number of sekyoority gards and a serprizingly smal amownt of fud and then we wil be on owr way to eezy ritches!!!  ok bye

19 thoughts on “go do that voodoo wot yoo do so wel!!! or wot sumbuddy duz so wel ennyway!!!

  1. Treats, foods, loves…and nope, no pins on you…not a one! Then afterwards, a buffet at the airport?? We are thinking we might want to get some voodoo work done!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  2. Whew, thank dogness there was food for all that torture:) We think we might endure becoming pin cushions for treats too. Seriously, Dennis, we sure hope the voodoo magic does something good for you.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  3. Well I am disappointed. I never got treats when I got stuck with voodoo needles for some back pain. And the technician hooked it up to electricity besides! But it didn’t hurt at all. Never felt the needles going in or coming out. And my back felt A LOT better afterwards.

    Good luck picking up your dada’s winnings! 🙂

    Glad you are on your way to feeling better, Dennis.



  4. Dinnis the vizla dog, my brother Bart LOVED those needle thingies. They helped him A LOT to feel the more comfortableness. (And Jaime used to give him TREETS!!!) I haven’t had the pleasure. Yet…



  5. I cracked up at your ‘roman candle’ picture there, Dennis. Sorry. You look a bit less like Dennis the Vizsla Dog and a bit more like Dennis the Porcupine Dog. Hope it helps! The hubs and I also get that voodoo done, and it seems to help – and makes us sleepy too. (But obviously we are getting screwed cuz we don’t come out of our appointments full of cookies!)


  6. You look like you had an unfortunate run-in with a porcupine, Dennis! And surely that white stuff on your face is flour or something, right?!? (Mom says I have white hairs on my chin, but I tell her that since I’m a strawberry blonde, she is surely mistaken!)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  7. Look behind you, oh no, don’t look behind you, Dennis. The voodoo dolly is definitely full of needles, it must be magical, because the healing power transferred to you!! You are very brave and wow, so many biscuits!! Glad you are feeling better, love Lorelai Gilmore and Hedy Lamarr (who had a needle on Tuesday and was very brave too)


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