Greetings, quivering civilians!  I, Saya the Mighty, thought you all might like to know that today is my birthday.  I am one year old now.  I am expecting to get a real driver’s license soon, to replace this “proof” one.  Then I will be able to take my katana in for sharpening any time it needs it, and chase down vampires and other evil perpetrators in my own vehicle.  Or maybe Dada’s vehicle.  See if I don’t!


I’m told being a year old means I have to turn in my Puppy Card, although Mama and Dada say I maxed out my Puppy Card months ago.  I’m not sure what a Puppy Card is.  I think it might be like a credit card, but if I maxed it out, I think I should have more loot around here that I bought with it.  I bet Dennis took my Puppy Card and spent it on things for himself, like nose wax and hair butter and paw gel.  And maybe also toothpaste.

Here is a picture of me when I was very very very very very small.  I didn’t even have a katana then, but I, Saya the Mighty, totally rocked my yellow collar.



Of course, vampire hunting is serious work.  I had to rest up, get big, and learn from the best before I could take over the job of protecting the house from creatures of the night.

And look at what happened!  Now I, Saya the Mighty, am a Big Dog.

I love my brother Dennis. Sometimes a little too much, but sometimes just the right amount. And I love my Mama and Dada, too. Also sometimes too much.

Dennis tells me that he was once one year old, too, and that he used to run circles around the older dogs.  I told him, “Video or it didn’t happen, Dennis!” So he showed me video. But I still don’t believe him.

I can see that my sister The Beautiful Trixie is in that video, and an older vizsla who may be my legendary brother Tucker, but I don’t know who that young vizsla is. He can’t be Dennis, because he’s wearing a yellow neckerchief, and everyone knows yellow is my color. Anyway, if Dennis is telling the truth about having once been young, then that means someday I might be old, and some young whippersnapper dog might think he or she can run circles around me. AND I, SAYA THE MIGHTY WILL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN. See if I do!

Go ahead, take a piece of my birthday cake.  IF YOU DARE.
Go ahead, take a piece of my birthday cake. IF YOU DARE.

So in closing, let me wish a happy first birthday to me, Saya the Mighty, from me, Saya the Mighty.

It leads to bunnies.

Saya the Mighty out!

Meanwhile …


23 thoughts on “I, SAYA THE MIGHTY, AM NOW A BIG DOG!

  1. Happy birthday Saya! One whole year old, huh? Our Mom told us that we were “adults” at that point, although I can say with certainty that certain dogs of my acquaintance *cough*Abby*cough* never got that memo! You are most definitely a Big Dog now, because when Mom and Dad were watching the ‘Tour of California’ (something with people on bicycles) and they were racing through the mythical city of Sandy Eggo, we were looking out for Ninja Hedgehogs, and saw nary a one – which means you have vanquished them all! Go you!!!! Happy birthday, and take pity on Dennis and give him a teeny bit of your cake!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  2. HaPpY BiRThDaY, SaYa!!!

    Wow! A year old already! As the older brother of a girl 3 months older than you, I agree that your Puppy Card must be surrendered. It’s just too much on us older guys (even though I’m only 4).

    Anyway, I hope you get delicious yummies for your birthday today 🙂

    *ear licks*


  3. Beeuteefull an mitey Saya many Happy Reeternss of thee day to you!!! 1 year old iss a BIG achievemint an you have grown uppy so fast!!!
    Could Dennis have EVER been THAT young????
    An look at Trixie fly about thee yard! Shee sure was f-a-s-t….butt not as fast as thee mitey Birthday Gurl rite Saya????
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~


  4. Happy Birthday, mighty one. Are you in a flying saucer or fighting vampires? or are the vampires in the flying saucer that is headed toward the lottery winnings?


  5. Happy Barkday, Saya! I was one once also and I ran circles around everyone! On Saturday, I’ll be 11 which must mean twice as good as 1 because I can still run circles around everyone.



  6. Happy birthday, Saya. You are definitely a big girl now. It’s too bad you’re missing your birthday party because you’re off getting into trouble with Dennis. What are we saying, you’re getting yourself in trouble with that katana at security. Between the two of you, your mama and dada must be old and gray by now.


  7. Happy first birthday, Saya the Mighty!!! Now that you are a BIG girl, we think it is time for another puppy to come in with a puppy card:). That’s what we wish would happen here.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  8. Happy birthday Saya the Mighty! Since you are a female and no longer a puppy, maybe you can upgrade your Puppy Card for a Woman Card. Oh wait… that’s a downgrade. It’s not good for much other than glass ceilings, higher priced pink stuff, etc. so I guess see if you can hang on to that Puppy Card a little longer! It’s like a Get Out of Jail Free Card, right?


  9. Hey Saya!
    Wow, you were an adorable little pup…and yellow is definitely your color! Gosh, the year has flown by. Happy happy barkday, my furiend. I’m sending you wishes for lots of toys, treats and scritches today.
    BTW: Great zoomie action!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish


  10. HAPPY HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOU, SAYA !! WOW you got your LICENSE and everythingy. What more could a girrrrl ask fur… OH YES… your very own
    FLEASA Card !!!!


  11. Oh my, my heart burst into a thousand pieces when I saw your little yellow collar Saya the Mighty. What a cutie. Happy Birthday Saya, your mama and dadda are so proud. Sending you the biggest cyber hug xxxx


  12. Hi Saya the Mitey! Be careful out palling around with Dennis because he and his cronies sometimes wind up in the clink and if you do, they will take your weapon away when you are not looking.
    Just be careful, thats all.
    Happy Birthday from your pal Stella! (that one video made me very lonesome for the Beautiful Trixie!)


  13. Happy Birthday Saya! Hope it was a wonderful one!!!!! Great seeing a young Dennis, Trixie and Tucker 🙂


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