Greetings, quivering civilians!  I, Saya the Mighty, am here to let you know that I will not be around for a month or so.  I am going off to puppy summer camp, AKA the place where I was born, to spend some time with my doggy mommy and my doggy sister and their human mama, while brother Dennis gets a special treatment called Pulse Signal Therapy to try to regrow some cartilage in his hips and back.  The treatment takes a couple of weeks and after that Dennis has to have “no jumping and no football moves” for six weeks.  Apparently “football moves” include getting tackled and crashed into walls and gates by his “overly exuberant” sister, i.e., me, Saya the Mighty. Who knew?

Do I look like someone who would tackle Dennis and bite his feet to make him dance like a cowboy at a hoedown?  No?  Good, my disguise is working.

We are all hoping that this treatment will make Dennis feel better and that maybe afterwards he will be more able to play and run and possibly even help me keep the yard safe from vermin, although that might be too much to hope for. With his hip dysplasia and arthritis, Dennis only plays with me for a minute or two at a time, which can be a little frustrating and causes me to try very hard to get him to play more.  Hence the tackling and foot-biting and crashing into things.  Dada is almost always willing to wrestle with me, which is fun, but not as much fun as wrestling with another dog.  (Don’t tell Dada I told you he’s not a dog.  I think he’s unaware of it.) Because I get frustrated that I can’t play with Dennis, I sometimes get short-tempered with him, and I sometimes overreact to things he might do, such as wandering too close to a fish skin I abandoned but that I still have dibs on. Dibs never expire, you know. They seem to be worried that Dennis being Dennis is teaching me that it’s okay to act pushy and loud and bossy. They hope that being around dogs who aren’t Dennis for a while will be a good experience for me.

Hey Dada?  Dennis is being boring again.  Stop working and come wrestle with me.

Neither Dennis or I like to be kept separated, because then one of us is away from Mama and Dada, and when there are gates in the way we both try―often successfully―to knock them down, because the other side of the gate is always better even when it isn’t. But if we can’t be together and we also can’t be apart, that’s a problem even my katana can’t solve. Perhaps a vacation can.

You appear to have accidentally closed the gate on my living room stash of puppy confetti. I am not amused.

I will miss harassing Dennis and chasing bird and bug shadows around the yard and harassing Dennis and pursuing squirrels and harassing Dennis, but I’m sure I will have fun with my relatives and going with my mother’s human mama to her training classes and suchlike things. And I’m sure Dennis will miss having me around to keep him on his toes by stealing his Nylabones, then stealing his replacement Nylabones, then stealing his replacement replacement Nylabones, then finally letting him chew on a Nylabone for a little while so that he appreciates what he has. Until I steal it again.

This bone used to be Dennis’s bone, until I took it. Soon I will get bored with it and take the bone he has now, and Dada will give him a new bone, and then I’ll take that one too. It’s the circle of life.

Try not to let the squirrels take over while I’m gone, Dennis.

Enjoy your ill-gotten unripe peaches while you can, squirrels.

This is Saya the Mighty, signing off!


  1. I cross all paws that the therapy helps Dennis to feel better. And I wish you a super time at summer camp… although you could come to visit me for a month too… then the mama would get the photo of me and my hungarian cousin … its her greatest wish, sadly the only vizsla we know here is Fripouille and we are deadly enemies :o)


  2. Poor Dennis. Merci and I know how it feels to have a young, exuberant canine running circles around us, knocking us over, etc. We all hope this treatment will help Dennis so he can play with you. We’ll see you when you return from camp, Saya.



  3. OMD SAYA the MIGHTY…. we are Sorry that Dennis has to go to have Treatments… BUTT we are crossing our Paws and sending him POTP to help them WORK WONDERS fur him.
    Wonder WHY the OTHER SIDE OF THE GATE is always where the GOOD STUFFS is?
    We hope that you have 87 kinds of FUN at Camp.
    We won’t mention that your Dada isn’t a Pedigreed Dawg. OKAY?


  4. We are sorry you will be gone for a while, Saya, but vacations are always fun. We hope you have a great time and come back having learned lots of new and good things. Meanwhile our hearts go out to our dear friend Dennis with big hopes for this treatment to help him tremendously. All paws crossed and lots of sibe vibes from us. And some gentle hugs:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  5. Hello Saya and Dennis! We did not know Dennis had such problems but we hope for 100% help for them. Also Saya, we hope great fun and best learning with your first family. You will leave your sword at home, won’t you? Here is to some peaceful times for Dada and MaMa, too.
    Cheers and Hugs,
    Jo, Stella and Zkhat


  6. ALL kids need to have time at summer camp…I’m sure you will have fun, especially since you will be with your doggy siblings and doggy mama!

    Sending hugs to Dennis that his therapy will make him feel so much better!



  7. oh Saya! I hope you enjoy camp and that camp teaches you some, well… manners. You will have to try and be gentle with Dennis or his ouchies will be more ouchie. Poor Dennis. I hope the treatment helps him. We have all our paws crossed here.
    Thinking of you all.
    ~lickies, Ludo!


  8. Oh, hope you have a great time at summer camp! You might be home sick at first, but I’m sure you’ll have a good time with the cookouts and the activities and the ghost stories at night!

    Hope Dennis gets some good help from his treatments and can play and wrestle and do football moves when you get back!


  9. Saya, The Labradors have never heard of this thing called a Holiday for Dogs. They think you will have a wonderful time!! You will like school lessons for being a good dog!! Poor Dennis, Gilly and Hedy wish him all the best. Their sister Tori had the same sore hips many years ago. We hope Dennis feels better soon. Love and wiggly waggly tails.


  10. Hi Dennis, Sorry just saw this! Hope the treatments go well & Maja gives you lots of fish skins for being such a cutie. Hugs!


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