20 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Asleep On The Job

  1. Jim Streeter says:

    I see he is just resting from his doggy duties, but probably still alert to any possible danger. have a good day, Jim


  2. The OP Pack says:

    Mom says rest is good for the healing, so rest all you want,Dennis. we are sure those squirrels will still be there when you are ready to chase tham.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  3. Well it is the weekend, after all! Everyone deserves a day of rest. 🙂 Looks like you have a nice, dark, cool sleepy going on. Hope you’re healing well, Dear Dennis. Smoochies!



  4. dorysbackyard says:

    We don’t blame you Dennis, it’s not like it’s a Ninja Hedgehog..unless it’s in disguise…hmmmmm….
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


hello nice reeder its dennis the vizsla dog hay leev me a peemail if yoo want to!!! ok bye

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