sunday awards and meem show reepeets!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay it seems that my dada is going away to the mithikal land of noo york for a kuple of weeks for his mama and dadas fiftyith annieversary!!! hay wow that is probly like a five hunnerdeth annieversary in dog yeerz i wunder wot yoo git sumwun for a five hunnerdth dog yeer annieversary!!! ennyway he sez he is not going to be aybel to help me do blogs until he gits bak kan yoo beleev it??? krool krool dada!!! however i beeing the savvy kontent programer wot i am hav kleverly arrayndjd for their to be reepeets of old sunday awards and meem shows wile he is gawn!!! those wil start nekst week tho for this week heer is a pikcher of me reelaksing and reekoperayting and posibly prepayring to destroy my kurrent most fayvritist thing in the wurld the funzler bal!!!


the funzlers pritty furs ar no match for my toofs and jowls!!!

i wil see yoo all agin soon!!! ok bye


22 Comments on “sunday awards and meem show reepeets!!!

  1. Hi Dennis! I hope your dada has a great time in noo york and I hope you are feeling fine. Ok, bye from the mythikal land of bawston.


  2. We LOVE New York, D. Once Mom brought me there and we saw a HORSE! He was a police horse. We were too afraid to pet his giant self, even though we wanted to. I hope your dada has a blast! And pets a horse.

    Love and licks,


  3. Dennis, Hope your dad has a wonderful trip back east for his mom and dad’s for the big party. You R going to have to learn how to type and be a ghost writer until he gets back. Tell Dada to have a good trip and pack a few squirrels in the suitcase.


  4. Looks like you are having a good time with that stuffy destruction, Dennis!! We always LOVE your Meem show repeats…We hope your Dada has a great time in New York!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  5. Hi Dennis, nice to hear your news. Do you know that for us, not native english humans, is easier to read your language, than human english. We hope you feel okey evev your dad is away from home.
    Kosmo and his family,
    faraway Finland.

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    • hello kosmo and famly its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo!!! see i always tel the hyoomans their is nuthing rong with my speling!!! the problems ar with the inglish langwidj not with my wurdz!!! ok bye

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  6. We have a funzler ball very similar to yours, Dennis, and it’s actually holding up quite well to Mackie’s sharp puppy toofers! We hope your dad has a great time in New York!


  7. Safe travels to your Dad and Happy 500th Anniversary to his parents – that is awesome!!! That ball looks like it will be a lot of fun for you.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  8. So do you have the run of the house for the duration? That should be fun. We are looking forward to summer reruns.


  9. I’m sure your Dad will have a fun time in the big city Dennis! Hey, that is some fancy ball, or at least it was!!!


  10. when da kats away.. er wait!
    there’s gonna be fun on carpet’s
    & rearranged furrnature
    & even mice will play
    unless eeten 🙂


  11. Where in Noo York will your dada be? We live in Rochester. If your dada is close to us maybe we can crash the anniversary party. Ha ha!

    Millie & Walter


    • hello millie and walter its dennis the vizsla dog hay the party is in the mithikal sitty of rome wot i thawt wuz in the mithikal land of italics but i gess it is also in the mithikal land of noo york!!! wot a majikal town to be in too playses at wunse no wunder the romans konkerd all of youre-up!!! dada sez that is like a hunnerd miles from rochester so that is like seven hunnerd miles in dog miles rite??? ok bye


  12. That looks like a really fun ball you have Dennis, do you open it up and find the squeak?? Gilly and Hedy do. We reckon you would get 500 balls and 500 treats and 500 of anything you want for your 500th doggiversary!! We hope your dad rings you up when he is away, and perhaps he will bring back a present for you??? Have lots of fun with the ball!!


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