Greetings, quivering civilians!  This is Saya the Mighty, reporting from points north.  You may have noticed that I’ve been away at summer camp for longer than I originally planned.  I am doing much too well here to leave.  See if I’m not!

Why do I like it here so much?  Well for one thing, there are dogs here who will play with me!

Yes, that’s a dog that’s shaped just like me, only grey!  I think she might be related to Brother Dennis’s friend Easy.  And look, she plays with me!  UNLIKE SOME DOGS I COULD MENTION WHO MIGHT BE NAMED DENNIS!

ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz …

Now, I know Dennis has his problems with the severe hip dysplasia and the severe arthritis, which we just found out about in January, and his heart murmur, which I hear has gotten worse in the last year or so.  I know that the dysplasia and the arthritis and the murmur make it hard for him to run and jump and wrestle.  BUT I DON’T CARE.  I want dogs to play with.  And did I mention there are dogs here who will play with me?  Including my doggy mommy, my doggy sister, my doggy grandmother, and visiting doggies like the grey ghost.  We all get to hang out together ALL THE TIME.  It’s awesome.


Of course, Dennis not only has hip dysplasia and arthiritis; he’s got his problems with general anxiety and being a total pushover, which Trixie told me he’s had since forever. So once Trixie went to the Rainbow Bridge and I took over as top dog, because I could boss Dennis around, I did boss Dennis around, something fierce.  (Oh come on, you would too!)  And I sort of figured that because I could push Dennis around, I could whip out my katana and push everyone else around too.  Being here with my sister, mom, and grandmom, I’ve started to learn that it’s not always appropriate to whip out the katana and start swinging.


Of course, it helps that I don’t have the constant frustration of not being able to play with my fellow house-dog.  Much as Dada tried, wrestling with him is just not the same as wrestling with a fellow four-legger.  No offense, Dada.  You make a halfway decent dog, but you’re still a human.

See, Dennis?  THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE!  Oh, and did I mention the great big huge nearby fenced area where I get to run with my doggy mommy and sister and grandma?  No?  Well check it out!

I’m sure Dennis will miss all the fun we used to have when I would terrorize him and bite his feet and chase him around the house, but that wasn’t good for him, or, I suppose, for me.  Still, he probably has no idea what to do with himself without me there to tell him. But then again, maybe he does.


But everyone agrees that under the circumstances Dennis is better off without a young, drivey dog such as myself pushing him around and stealing everything he owns, and I am better off living back where I was born, in a bigger pack, with dogs who are willing to play with me and at least try to stand up to me (GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!) and not let me be quite as bossy as I might want to be.

Living with a pack of dogs is enough to tire out even me, Saya the Mighty!

And so this is where I will stay.  I am happy and content here, and it seems Dennis is happy and content, too, being back to his sedentary ways.  Dennis, it’s your job now to defend Trixie’s yard from squirrels, gophers, bunnies, and ninja hedgehogs.  Which means that Trixie’s yard is about to be overrun.  I hope you enjoy bunny poop, Dennis!  Mmm, bunny poop …


Dada’s Note:  It was a difficult decision for us to have Saya stay with her breeder, but things just weren’t working out with her and Dennis.  She needed multiple dogs to live and play with, and between Dennis’s various conditions and the loss of Mama’s income due to her school’s closure, we aren’t in a position to provide Saya with that.  After many discussions and evaluations involving the breeder, our vet, and various trainers and other dog professionals we know, everyone reached the same conclusion:  Saya is better off and happier where she is, in a home with a large number of dogs, without the constant frustration of Dennis refusing her attempts to play and being gated off from him when she would become too insistent with her interactions; and Dennis is better off without the stress of constantly being pursued for play that he’s just no longer capable of, while spending much of the time gated off from much of the house.

Saya is doing very well now and is quite bonded with her sister and especially with her mother.  She will not be rehomed from the breeder.  Meanwhile it’s awfully quiet here in Dennisland these days, but he seems to be adjusting well to being the only dog.  We think he misses having a crazy puppy to watch run around, but that his being able to relax more than makes up for it …

i wuz sleeping nicely until dada tried to tayk a pikcher of me sleeping nicely gud job dada!!!



  1. Saya the Mighty you are an ambassador for peace with playing with your german cousin. And maybe even Easy the Unteachablestest got the message too that playing together is better than eating each other and I the most Helplessnest Mama can get my photo of a Vizsla and a Weim when we meet one the next time :o)

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  2. We are happy for you Saya and I think you are going to have a wonderful life with your family. Dada, ya done good with a most difficult decision. Howdy Dennis!


  3. That must have been a tough decision, but it seems to be the right one. Maybe when finances straighten out, you can foster/adopt a middle aged or senior dog? They’d be lucky to have you as a family.


    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

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  4. Saya, it sounds like you’ve got yourself a great situation, and Dennis, it sounds like your life is a little less eventful (in a good way), so we applaud your Momma and Dada for making decisions that are the best for you two, even if it’s a tough choice from them. Dennis, don’t worry too much about those gophers – if you’ve ever watched the instructional documentary Caddyshack, chasing gophers only leads to madness. Just sayin….

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  5. With all due respect to Saya we find puppies to be rude little barbarians who finally turn into dignified dogs like Dennis. We are glad that hard decisions were made and it looks like all is for the best. Except for the gophers. We hate gophers. We have had good luck with smoke sticks.


  6. We’re happy for you, Saya, that you get to play as much as you want with lots of other doggies and Dennis has a more peaceful house. We will miss hearing about your antics and hope Dada will keep us updated on your adventures once in a while.

    Millie & Walter


  7. Sometimes the decisions pawrents must make are very difficult. Butt if we learned one thing from all our furends it is that where there is love and fun it’s all gonna work out. Relax Dennis and pawty on Saya!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  8. We are sad Saya is back with the breeder and Dennis is now an only dog, but we do understand. It sounds as if Saya is very happy with her family and Dennis is happier in solitude. We know it was a tough decision for your Mama and Dada. Be happy, Saya, and you too, Dennis.


  9. Saya, we are sad that you won’t be HERE with Dennis, but we think it is the best decision for everyone. You sure have a great place to be and you certainly do look happy. We hope that your Dada and Mama will find ways to keep us updated on how you are doing. Meanwhile, we are sending many hugs your way and lots of POTP to Dennis.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  10. We all KNOW my mom is always pawing and babbling

    So…here she goes:

    Okay –

    It takes furry special hu-dad and hu-mom to do THAT fur woo!

    Of khourse, we always KNEW they were special!

    All The Khampers At Khamp Khyra The Khottage Edition which inkhludes one of those PUPPY things – 11months and stuff…Khousin Geufy is relieved to have some ‘help’
    (Khyra, Holly, Harley, and Bentley_


  11. I am also an only doggie, D.Some of us just aren’t cut out to fit in and go with the flow. I’m happy that Saya found some playmates. This sounds like a tough decision, but a good one for everydoggie involved. And the humans, too.

    Love and licks,


  12. This had to be a very hard choice to make but having a younger pup that plays non-stop has got to be very tough on you, Dennis. Saya looks very happy where she is and we are happy for you, Dennis. Enjoy that slower pace.


  13. Saya it looks like you have the bestest home ever!! So many new friends to run and play with!!

    We think you have a very special Dada and Mama for realizing what was best for both you and Dennis!!!


  14. Deer Dennis an Pappaw wee are inn tearss here…well, LadyMum iss inn tearss…mee iss sorta stunned bye thee newss.
    Pleeze let mee apawlogize fur not beein around Dennis….all wayss sumfing happenin here at Thee Purrfect Pad an mee did not get to vizit you. Mee not know yur hipss were SO-O bad an that stinkin Arfuritiss…..LadyMum has it all over an mee seess how it slowss her down. Mee furend what can wee say about Saya? Shee iss a luvley gurl an so full of energee…maybee like mee: TOO much so!! Shee lookss so happy runnin with her Mumma an furamillee. Mee an LadyMum are sorry fingss did not werk out fur youss’.
    An Pappaw you an yur Lady made a tuff decision about Saya butt did thee rite fing fur Dennis an fur Saya. LadyMum sayss yur thee BESTEST Pawentss an mee agreess.
    As youss’ know, mee went thru a turribull patch of weerd beehaviour an mee allmost went back to thee farm twice. Thee second time when LadyMum was packin mee toyss an fingss shee got fizzicallee sick!!! An shee cried an cried (sittin on bathroom floor lookin toe-tallee pawthetick). Mee ~~head rubbed~~ her an asked fur 1 more chance. Shee agreed an fingss been purrty good efurr since. (That iss because mee can go fur walkiess now!)
    Who knows what thee future holdss fur all of us…..
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~ an gentull {{{hugs}}} LadyMum


  15. thought Saya was a cute girl, but pretty wild! I am an old dog like Dennis, love my naps, and it would not be such a hard decision for me to send her off to a good home . Just one look at that running field picture made me think how I would have loved it in my energetic youth! I can just feel the wind blowing though my furs!

    Good luck to you Saya, write us a note now and then, more pixs
    too,please.Your pal, Aunty Stella


  16. Saya,

    As a new “only dog” and as an “old man dog”, I can tell you that you are one very lucky dog! Your dada and mama made a very hard decision but the decision is one that will be good for you and good for Dennis! Us old men dogs just want rest and relaxation now, the kerazy wrestling and running days only happen every so often!

    I hope you will stop by once in a while to let us all know how much fun you are having.



  17. Saya, I learned to live with two old doggies and to play with them without hurting them, but I was a year and a half old when I came here – and there were TWO of them to keep me in my place. Your Dada and mama made an unselfish decision that was bestest for Dennis and for you. (You are SO hawt!!) If you ever want to play with a REAL man, let me know. I’m just up the road.




  18. Oh, we are sad that things didn’t work out and it must have been such a difficult decision to make, but we’re so glad that Dennis and Saya have such wonderful human companions who think of what is best for the dogs first. Saya is having so much fun and loves to run and play. Dennis looks very relaxed and he definitely doesn’t need bossing around. A new puppy, Like Hedy Lamarr here, is a big change. Luckily Lorelai Gilmore is in tiptop condition and even though she puts Hedy in her place we see tiny flashed of Saya-like bossiness. Big wiggly waggly tails and licks to everyone from Gilly and Hedy. We hope there might be the occasional missive from Saya too.


  19. A very difficult decision to make. Both Dennis and Saya look very happy and content from the photos. As painful as a decision to make, you have looked out for their very best.


  20. We are glad that Saya is happy and that she is going to stay with her family where you know she is safe and happy 🙂 We are also very happy that you and Dennis are doing fine and have some of the stress taken off of all of you. So very sorry about your school closing, hope things turn around soon for you.
    Marty’s Mom and the Gang


  21. Saya, it sounds great at you breeders place and I know it would have been a truly heart wrenching thing for your Mama and Dada to decide but it really does sound like it is the best thing for everyone and maybe one day a puppy who isn’t a vampire slayer might find a home there. We will miss you, but congrats on your decision and have an awesome life. I know you will!


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