sayv the blud bank!!! and my kompyooter too!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i wuz planning to do a post tooday to tel yoo abowt my noo plan for how now that i am maybe probly ten i am going to start pulling my wayt around the howse and in fakt arownd the entire mithikal land of america!!! however dadas kompyooter wot i yooze to do my posts had a hard drive krash and is kurrently having its brayn transplanted frum a time masheen!!! or sumthing like that!!! i am a little fuzzy!!! and also i do not kwite grasp the konsept!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i kil me ennyway i am pritty shoor dada is dooing sumthing with the time-space kontinyooum to git the kompyooter wurking agin!!!


kayrful dada!!! do not mayk doc brown and his epik haircut mad!!! ennyway wunse the kompyooter is wurking agin i wil be bak to eksplayn how i am going to fiks things up but for now insted i wanted to pass along sumthing i just reesently herd abowt abowt hemopet!!! now yoo may hav herd of hemopet/hemolife and doctor jean dodds she runs a greyhound reskyew and she duz reesertch on dog vakseens and she duz thyroid and other sorts of testing wich as yoo may gess meens she saw my brother tuckers bluds menny times!!! now the thing is she also runs a dog blud bank and for sum reezon nown only to the mithikal land of kalifornya the bored of ekwalizayshun of the mithikal land of kalifornya deesided hay yoo no wot??? we shud apply sayls taks to on dog blud produkts yoozed to sayv dogs lives!!! becuz why not??!?!? fortchoonatly the stayt senat passd a law saying dont be stoopid yoo kannot chardj sayls taks on dog blud produkts i meen come on!!! and then the stayt asembly passd the law too!!! but the stayt asembly for sum reezon nown only to the stayt asembly sed but yoo no wot??? lets kollekt sayls taks for all the dog blud produks that wer ever sold befor we passd this law wot sed that yoo kannot chardj sayls taks on dog blud produkts becuz that wood be stoopid!!! ennyway it all seems kind of hyooman and overly komplikayted and stoopid so heer i wil just show yoo wot she rote herself abowt wot is going on and wot hyoomans and dogs and kitties and goats and wotnot kan do to help chek it owt!!!

Hemopet: Future in Jeopardy

The California Board of Equalization (BOE) audited Hemopet and determined that sales tax was owed on its blood products. Hemopet is a non-profit and the canine equivalent of the Red Cross. So, a clarification that exempted this tax was necessary. To get this done, a state senate bill had to be drafted.

Originally, Senate Bill 898 clearly and specifically stated:
1. Exempt the sale of animal blood and related products from sales tax
2. Directed the BOE to cancel its current assessment

SB 898 was passed unanimously by the California Senate.

Then, the bill went to the Assembly.

The Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation passed the bill with amendments that will allow the BOE to collect approximately $81,000 of prior sales taxes from Hemopet but not collect sales tax on future sales – essentially terminating our non-profit.

Now, the bill moves on to the Assembly Committee on Appropriations.

What Closure Means
1. 40% of the nation’s lifesaving canine blood will no longer be available and shortages will occur.
2. 200 Greyhounds will be placed up for adoption.
3. 45 people will lose employment, which will result in an economic and community organization loss for Orange County.

What Californians Can Do
1. The Assembly Committee on Appropriations will review SB 898 on Wednesday, August 3, 2016. We need you to please contact this committee. Please click here for details and a draft.
2. Adopt Hemopet Greyhounds.

What the Nation Can Do
1. Donate. On top of this, Hemopet and its entities – such as Hemolife Diagnostics Laboratory – ended 2015 with a total loss of $90,000. This loss was covered by Hemopet’s operators. Dr. Dodds does not receive any salary or income from Hemopet. Please visit Hemopet to make a tax deductible donation. You do not need an account with PayPal.
2. Encourage your veterinarian to use Hemopet’s blood products and diagnostic services.

Thank you for your support! – Jean and Hemopet

fite the power doctor jean dodds!!! ok bye

17 thoughts on “sayv the blud bank!!! and my kompyooter too!!!

  1. Dennis, I sure hope every one of those sweet Hemopet Greyhounds finds a new forever home. California is really stretching to get money in their coffers. 😦



  2. That’s terrible, some of the Labradors here at our house have been blood donors, all blood transfusions for humans and animals is free here in Australia, though The Labradors have received a special treat from the vet!!! Gilly does not weigh enough to donate blood, but hopefully Hedy will be big and strong and help save lives. Any dog can give another dog a blood transfusion the first time without any cross matching. I hope the ridiculous people come to their senses. Well done Dennis, woof wiggly waggly tails, Gilly and Hedy.


  3. Sometimes living in the mythical land of California can be VERY challenging!! Thanks for the info, Dennis!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  4. Leave it to humans to mess up a good thing Dennis. There are blood banks for kitties that some of our pals have had to use. We hope the computer heals nicely pal!


  5. We donated because we don’t live in the mythical land of California (and are beginning to think that is a good thing!). Mom says she is quite mystified about the concept of charging sales tax on things that have been sold in years past, when sales tax wasn’t charged. This must be related to your Dada ripping another hole in the space-time continuum, because there is no other plausible explanation.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

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  6. Those government people in California seem a bit mixed up. It seems crazy to try to collect on the previous sales when they have outlawed charging for future sales.

    Millie & Walter


  7. Those silly government humans always seem to be doing something wrong, don’t they. I hope hemopet got a good outcome.
    I just came by to say thank you for being Ludo’s friend for so long and for your nice comments recently. I hope Tucker is sharing his buffet! We read about Saya when Mum was a bit sad, so we will go comment on that now.
    -Arran and Dee

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