Smurfin’ Words


Mouse: “Hello, Mouse from NIMH here! I ‘borrowed’ the Magic Flying Coaster for a little road trip to recruit a very special staff member for Dennis’s campaign, but wanted to share some promising news from Hemopet about the California sales tax issue. Thanks everyone for supporting them! And I’ll be seeing you in the last panel.”

From the Hemopet Newsletter:

70-5 Calif. Assembly Passes SB898

Fantastic news! Senate Bill 898 passed the Assembly! The current language of the bill still does not cancel prior tax assessments on non-profits for prior sales taxes of animal blood products. SB898 does exempt Hemopet from charging future sales taxes. It’s not the preferred language, but this is still excellent news. We are still working hard with all parties on the issue. The next step is that the bill goes back to the state Senate for concurrence. Then it goes to the Governor.

There is still time to write to Governor Brown on Hemopet’s behalf, please click here.

Your letters and emails are making a difference with the California legislators. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement! Honestly, you and your commitment to Hemopet give us the strength to keep up the good fight!

Meanwhile, at “Canine/Vermin 2016” Campaign HQ …


Producer Smurf: “Well, Dennis, that was another smurfbysmal performance at your last press conference.”
Dennis: “Is that good?”
Producer Smurf: “No, Dennis, if it were good I would call it ‘smurftastic’.  Or ‘smurfellent’.  Or just plain ‘smurfy’.”
Spicoli: “What about ‘smurfelous’?”
Mr. Nibbles: “Or maybe ‘smurfperb’?”
Opossum: “HISSS! ‘Smurfsational’!”
Producer Smurf: “None of those are words!”


Spicoli: “Dude, what are you talking about? You make up words all the time just by sticking your ‘smurf’ where it doesn’t belong.”
Producer Smurf: “I cam smurf that because I’m a smurfing smurf! I know how to smurf ‘smurf’ into words! But when you bunch smurf ‘smurf’ into words it’s not smurfy, not smurfy at all!”
Spicoli: “Well that just doesn’t smurf a smurf of sense, if you smurf me.”
Producer Smurf: “Gah! Stop smurfing ‘smurf’!”


Dennis: “I’m still confused. Was my press conference smurfy?”
Producer Smurf: “No, Dennis, it was not smurfy. And cut it out!”
Spicoli: “Don’t listen to him, Dennis. You were smurfalicious.”
Producer Smurf: “See! That’s what I’m smurfing about! You can’t smurf something is ‘smurfalicious’ unless it’s food!  Is Dennis food? No, he is not!”

Just then …


Mouse: “Hey everybody! I’m back! And look, I hired somebody to coach Dennis and help keep him on message.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Good thinking! Having a person on staff will help Dennis appeal to the human voice.”
Gargamel: “Hello there! I’m excited to bring my special brand of alchemy to Dennis’s candidacy, and look forward to working closely with you all. Especially your smurfalicious campaign manager.”
Producer Smurf: “What?! Are you smurfing kidding me? No smurfing way am I letting Gargamel smurf on this campaign!”
Gargamel: “Oh, but there is some mistake, friend smurf! My name is Vizzini. I am from Sicily.”
Producer Smurf: “You are not Vizzini, you big liar! You’re Gargamel!”
Opossum: “HISSS! I object to this! We are violating the principles of the Furry Party by hiring a human.”
Spicoli: “Dude, since when have you had principles?”
Opossum: “Since never. But still!”

8 thoughts on “Smurfin’ Words

  1. Our mom isn’t up on all the Smurf lingo and had to Google “Gargamel” to find out who he was. If you are trying to get rid of the Smurf then we think he can do a good job.

    Millie & Walter


  2. Oh boy…we are pretty sure Lightning and Ciara are right, time to shake up your campaign team, Dennis!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo
    PeeEss…great news so far on the Hemopet tax issue…hope they change the language to include prior tax!


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