Are They Gone?


Dennis: “Are the reporters gone?”
Mouse: “No. You’d better stay in there a while longer.  Like, until November 9th.”


Spicoli: “Pssst. Mouse. Is Gary Johnson gone?”
Mouse: “No, he and Vizzini are exchanging brownie recipes. You’d better stay in there a while longer.”


Producer Smurf: “What about Azrael? Is Azrael gone?”
Opossum: “HISSS! And the evil clowns? Are the evil clowns gone?”
Mouse: “Oh, sure. The cat and the evil clowns left hours ago.”
Mr. Nibbles: <???>


Mr. Nibbles: “The orange cat and a bunch of evil clowns are still out there, friend Mouse. You know that.”
Producer Smurf: “AAAIIIEEEE! It’s Azrael! Smurf that cat away from me!”
Opossum: “AAAIIIIEEEE! There are even more nasty evil clowns than before!”
Mouse: “Oops. I misspoke.”
Dennis: “Is it November 9th yet?”
Mouse: “Not even close, Dennis.”

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