a breef updayt on my hart and stuf!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo all for yore tail wags and purrs and sutch!!! my kardiak reechek went wel the vetnameez persun sed that their is less of a thrill in my mermer now yoozhually a thrill is a gud thing rite??? but aparently not with a hart mermer!!! so they think that meens the medikayshuns ar helping releev the preshoor in my hart frum the mermer becuz nobuddy wants to be under preshoor eksept maybe the faymus minstrels queen and david bowie!!! ennyway to figger owt wot is up with my koffing they tuk sum chest xrays wot did show my hart is sumwot enlardjed and my lungs are sumwot fuzzy and they told my mama that it is not unyoozhual to see fuzzy lungs on an older dog wel duh of korse we ar fuzzy we ar dogs!!! ennyway we ar stil wayting for the ofishal reeport frum the persun wot reeds the xrays to find owt wot eksaktly it all meens but so far the nooz is pritty gud!!! thank yoo all agin for yore wel wishes and purrs and tail wags!!! as yoo kan see i am resting komfortably and dreeming of my old pack and konserving my enerdjeez for the big debayt this weekend!!! ok bye

bed sweet bed!!!

21 thoughts on “a breef updayt on my hart and stuf!!!

  1. Get well soon Den! I’ve missed reading about your life and adventures while i’ve been away from wordpress (i’m your old fwend blacklaceandglitter post-blog-rejig). Hopefully the official report will be just as promising! X

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  2. Hi Dennis, great that you have gud nooz. We all get older, and we will have some problems, like my mom, but is normal and we still enjoy our life. I wish you a happy weekend!
    Your friend (a cat)
    Kosmo in Finland.
    Ps. If you look carefully to the horizon, you will see me waiving to you with my white and black paw.

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  3. Dennis! I just got back from the Mayo Clinic where they fixed my heart murmur, which I’ve had since I was a small pup. I hope you are feeling okay and taking in the love that surrounds you. ❤

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  4. You’re so smart, D. You could be a doctor. I totally agree that doggie lungs should be fuzzy. Mine might even have freckles on them, like my actual outside furs. I am glad the medicines seem to be working for you. Medicine is amazing. I went to the vet yesterday, and she stole my blood. I cried. Mom gave me chicken.

    Love and licks,

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  5. Mee furend Denniss mee sends POTP an ***nose bumpsss*** to you!!
    Mee not know you were havin trubbull as mee has had sum of mee own. Wee are hopin there iss nuffin wrong with yur lungs an you are goin to bee OK.
    If you have a chance come reed mee new bloggie….thee Vet mee saw wantss to put mee to sleep for good!!!! WHAT THEE KAT AN DOG ISS WRONG WITH THESE VETSS’???????
    ***paw patsss*** yur furend Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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  6. Oh Dennis, what marvellous news: Gilly and Hedy are so happy for you. Gilly know what it is like to be poorly, and sleeping in your favourite spot is just what the vet ordered!! My word, you would have needed all your energy and more for The Debate. I had to cover Hedy’s ears, she is not one yet!!!

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  7. Oh Dennis – I am so sorry I am late with this (I’m gonna ignore my mom sum like she ignorez helpin’me vizit my Blogville furrendz) Butt I am so furry much happee tue c that the newz iz good. Sumtimez we don’t like takin’our medicashunz butt they really due help us feel better. Now u can add sum Beagle Aroooooooz tue the list of well wishez an’tail wagz – an’more Aroooooooz that the final report iz just az good.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor


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