its the sunday awards and meem show!!! if i kan find the set!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? i got an award frum my frends over at photofinland by rantsalot chek it owt!!!


Sky Turtle: “Greetings, mammal. I’m back from my travels. And look, I brought you a Versatile Blogger award, special delivery from Finland.”
Dennis: “Oh boy! An award! You know what that means!”

yes thats rite its time for a sunday awards and meem show!!!


ummm eksept that my ofishal sunday awards and meem show set got bundeld up and put away a wile ago and i do not no ware it is!!! but i wil find it and then we wil hav a show for shoor!!!


Sky Turtle: “Why can’t you just do your awards show on this sofa?”
Dennis: “Because that’s not how I roll.”
Spicoli: “Did you really just say ‘That’s not how I roll’? Dude, you are so street. I can hardly stand it.”

now the versatile blogger award comes with a fyoo roolz attachd as awards offen do!!! and heer ar the roolz!!!

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person who has nominated you
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
  • Link your nominees & let them know about your nomination

ok so item number wun chek!!!  item number too thank yoo photofinland by rantsalot and kosmo a cat in faraway finland chek!!!


Sky Turtle: “What makes you think your awards and meme show set would be here and not, say, out in the garage at your mammal cave?”
Dennis: “Just a hunch. Plus I’m not supposed to go in the garage.”
Spicoli: “Dudes, is it my imagination or is there writing floating in space?”

now to shayr seven fakts abowt myself!!! sum of yoo may hav herd sum of theez fakts befor on erlier sunday awards and meem shows or elsware but sum of it may be noo to yoo too!!!

  1. of korse i always like to leed off with how i wuz fownd!!! i wuz fownd wandring in a kanyon with too other boy vizsla dogs and wun girl vizsla dog!!! for the longest time mama and dada thawt that the girl vizsla dog wuz my sister but now they think she wuz probly my mama yoo kan reed all abowt it heer!!!
  2. i wuz diagnosed layt last yeer with seveer arthuritis and hips displeezya and this yeer my hart murmer wuz upgrayded or ummm maybe downgrayded to a seveer class five murmer with sum ruptchooring so i do not hav mutch enerdjee ennymore but boy do i stil perk up and danse arownd wenever mama comes home!!!
  3. in addishun to all that i hav had rather seveer anksietee for yeerz laytly my thing has ben woofing and wining at nite and keeping mama and dada frum sleeping!!! they do not no why i do it but between yoo and me it is becuz tired hyoomans ar mor likely to mayk mistayks sutch as giving me brekfast twice!!! mwa ha ha ha ha!!!versatile_blogger_photofinland_4Artie Nielsen: “I don’t think we have anything that matches the description of your Sunday Awards and Meme Show set, but feel free to look around. Just remember, most everything in here is cursed, so don’t touch or play with any of it.”Dennis: “Okay, I won’t! Except for this cool hat and ship’s wheel that I found. Look at me, I’m a pirate! Arrrr!”
  4. bak before i had the anksietee i yoozed to be an athleet i playd flyball and did adjilitee!!! those wer the golden days wen i did endorsements and wuz rolling in green paypers let me tel yoo!!! wel maybe not the part abowt endorsements and green paypers but stil it wuz fun wile it lasted!!!
  5. theez days my hobby is dooing nosewurk i hav my mama traynd to hide fuds arownd the howse and then i snif arownd lukking for it!!! my nose is not the graytest espeshly kompayrd to tucker or saya the mighty but i stil git the job dun eventchooally!!!
  6. my most fayvritest treets in the wurld ar dried fish skins!!! mmmm delishus!!!
  7. i am naymd after dennis the konstitooshunal pezzint frum the faymus monty python dokyoomentry monty python and the holy moley grail not dennis the mennis as is offen thawt!!!

    Spicoli (thinking): “Well, that didn’t take long …”


    Jack Sparrow: “I say, this is not the Black Pearl.  Where’s the rum?”
    Pete Lattimer: “Get a grip, Myka.”


Jack Sparrow: “I’ll just be taking this delightful award for myself.”
Spicoli: “Dude, that’s Dennis’s award.”
Jack Sparrow: “Pirate.”

16 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! if i kan find the set!!!

  1. Hi, Dennis the Vizsla dog! Your answers are great, and a little bit sad, but most of all I liked the story how you are using your nose, trying to find treats at home.
    But what you are going to do, Jack Sparrow stole the award. It is not nice, even though he is a good pirate.
    Dear Dennis, we all wish you millions of happy and healthy days.
    Kosmo, mom and dad.
    in a faraway Finland.


  2. Conkatss on the Award!! Wee sure are blessed to know Kosmo thee Farawy Finland Kat!!!! Hee iss so-o kewl!!!!
    As are you mee deer furend!!!Wee are sorry yur battlin with health issuess an mee iss sendin POTP to you……
    An fish skinss…they sound purrty nommie!
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  3. Hey, D the V, I love your facts. I’m impressed. You are quite the tough cookie. Ooooh! I just made myself excited by saying the word cookie! Yay. I have never had a fish skin, but once I ate a butterfly. It was taunting me so I showed it who was boss.

    Love and licks,


  4. Why would anyone steal your award? It has your name on it … um, doesn’t it? We remember the story of your rescue, but we thought you were named after Dennis the Menace. After all, you used to get into so much trouble. We know you miss your energetic days. Most of us are older too so we understand. It’s good your mama keeps you active chasing food. Food is always good to find.


  5. Congrats on the nice award Dennis! We’re sorry you have so many health problems but we enjoyed your answers, especially how you were found. Have a restful Sunday my friend!


  6. Thanks for letting us the story behind your name. We didn’t know that. We are so sorry that you have so many things that aren’t so good right now. We are crossing our paws for you to be feeling a lot better.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  7. We sure hope you find your meem set in Warehouse 13…Mama thinks this may be just the boost to get the show back on the air!!

    Smileys (and lots of tail wags and snuggles)!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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