Throwback (Thanksgiving) Thursday

Dada’s note: Many years ago, Trouble, Tucker, Trixie, and Dennis engaged in an extended battle with a turkey vulture who decided Trouble was a rabbit and wanted her for Thanksgiving dinner.  But of course, the whole situation was triggered by Tucker’s stomach.  Since then, the final episode of the battle has appeared once or twice as a Thanksgiving throwback, but here―for the first time ever!―is the entire saga, recapped in a single Throwback Thursday post.

I apologize in advance for the load times.

Overheard Around The House

Tucker: (snoring)
Turkey (offscreen): “Gobble gobble gobble!”
Tucker: “ZzzzZZzz … Sure, I’d love to gobble something … Zzzz … what have you got?”

Turkey: “Gobble gobble gurgle cluck?”
Tucker: “You need a place to hide? Sure, you can hide here.”  (beat)  “Wait … you’re not from outer space, are you?”
Turkey: “Gobble?”
Tucker: “Okay, good.”
Turkey: “Gobble gobble chatter?”
Tucker: “Sure, invite your friends.  The more the merrier!”

Later …

Tucker (thinking):  “This is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever!”

Where Have All The Turkeys Gone?

Television Reporter: “… and in other news, a turkey shortage continues to baffle local shoppers, but a famous big-game hunter thinks he can solve the mystery.”

Elmer Fudd: “I am vewwy confident that I wiww be abew to find out whewe that cwazy wabbit has gone.”
Television Reporter: “I think you mean turkeys, don’t you?”
Elmer Fudd: “Oh yes, of couwse. Heh heh heh heh heh.”

Trixie: “This is your fault somehow, isn’t it, Tucker?”
Tucker: “I have no idea what you’re talking about. By the way, do you know where Mama keeps the stuffing?”
Turkey Vulture: “I notice you dogs haven’t moved for a while. Do you think you might be expiring soon?”

The Top Secret Turkey Hideout

Trixie: “You can’t possibly think those turkeys are stupid enough to fall for –”

Trixie: “I stand corrected.”

Meanwhile …

Elmer Fudd: “Candygram.”
Dennis (thinking): “I wasn’t expecting a candygram.”

Observed Around The House

Turkey Vulture: “Are you sure you’re not a rabbit? Because you kind of look like a rabbit to me.”
Trouble: “Don’t make me Tase you, bro.”

Shortly Thereafter …

Elmer Fudd: “They didn’t fall fow the old candygwam twick, which tells me they aw unusually smawt fow dogs.”
Cameraman: “Or they’ve seen ‘Blazing Saddles’.”
Elmer Fudd: “What?”
Cameraman: “Nothing.”
Elmer Fudd: “Anyway, this is just a tempowawy setback. I will wetuwn to Fudd HQ to develop a new plan of attack.”
Turkey Vulture (thinking): “Hmm …”

Later …

And Then …

Turkey: “There are twenty turkeys, three dogs, and a rabbit with an attitude problem in there.”
Elmer Fudd: “I knew that wascally wabbit was involved in this!”
Turkey Vulture: “I don’t care what you do with them as long as I get the leftovers.”
Elmer Fudd: “You’ve got youwself a deal Mr. Vultuwe!”
Trouble (thinking): “!!!!”


Trouble: “What are you big clumsy dogs up to in here?”
Tucker: “We’re, um, helping the turkeys hide, but there are so many that we can’t get the door closed.”
Trouble: “Well that’s fascinating but you should know there’s a crazy hunter outside plotting against all of us.”
Trixie: “It must be that guy from TV. And why are you warning us instead of letting us hang out to dry like you usually do?”
Trouble: “Because he’s working with a vulture who thinks I’m a rabbit.  I am NOT a rabbit.”
Trixie: “Okay, I am taking us to DOGCON 2. That means we have to be extra vigilant against intruders.”
Trouble: “Speaking of intruders, where is the other big clumsy dog?”

Meanwhile …

Dennis: “Hmm, Tucker didn’t mention that he was getting married today, but he never tells me anything and I know he likes cake …”

Happy Thanksgiving (Almost) Every One

Tucker: “What if we stuff them in there with the bathroom plunger?”
Trixie: “That’s been in the toilet!”
Tucker: “You’re right, that’s more of a dessert item.”
Trouble: “You know, for being at ‘DOGCON 2’, you big clumsy dogs seem to still be mostly thinking with your stomachs.”

Dennis: “Tucker, why didn’t you tell us you were getting married today?”
Tucker: “I’m not getting marr — is that a cake?”
Trouble (thinking): For some reason this doesn’t surprise me.”

Elmer Fudd: “Now I’ve got you dogs and wabbits and tuwkeys wight whewe I want you! Heh heh heh heh!”
Turkeys: (gibbering in fear)
Turkey Vulture (thinking): “Mwa-ha-ha-ha!”
Trixie: “Nice going, Dennis.”
Dennis: “My bad.”
Tucker: “Does this mean we’re not getting cake?”
Trouble (thinking): “How do these dogs keep managing to foil MY evil plots when they are clearly incompetent?”

But Suddenly …

Bob the Mad Bomber Pyromaniac Builder: “Ha ha! I bet you thought you would never see ME again!”
Trouble: “Oh no, it’s Bob the Mad Bomber Pyromaniac Builder!”
Dennis: “I thought he got eaten by a hawk.”
Tucker: “We never did see a body.”
Trixie (thinking): “It sure is getting crowded in here.”
Turkey Vulture (thinking): “I had no idea turkeys could move that fast!”

Trouble (thinking): “You have GOT to be kidding.”

Elmer Fudd: “I will call him … Mini-Fudd.”

Turkey Vulture: “Hey! Fudd! Come back here! We had a deal! I was supposed to get the leftovers!”
Trouble: “Are you big clumsy dogs thinking what I’m thinking?”
Dogs: “Yep.”

Later …

Trixie: “Who would like to carve the turkey vulture?”

Happy Thanksgiving!

11 thoughts on “Throwback (Thanksgiving) Thursday

  1. Mew mew mew what a furabuluss story!!!! Wee laffed an laffed!!!
    Fankss fur sharin it with us Dennis…..
    Hope yur Fanksgivin was pawsum!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx an ((hugs)) LadyMum


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