Come Sail Away


Spicoli: “What makes you so sure you can find Dennis and the Black Pearl, dude?”
Jack Sparrow: “I have an excellent crew, Mr. Spicoli. They will continue on the course I set, for a fabled island rich with treasure. We are now making for that same island. I can only hope we reach it in time, for the inhabitants are said to be clever tricksters. I fear your friend may be in well over his head.”
Spicoli: “Yeah, well, he usually is.”


Jack Sparrow: “With such a wind at our back, we will find the Black Pearl and your friend in no time.”
Spicoli: “I appreciate the help, dude. Trixie used to handle these things, and now the mouse usually does.”
Jack Sparrow: “I understand, my friend. I, too, am beholden to a mouse.”


Spicoli: “I’m not quite sure why you’ve got the turtle advertising rum for sale that you don’t have, though.”
Jack Sparrow: “It doesn’t say I am selling rum. It says to see me with questions about rum. People with questions about rum are likely to have rum, which I can then persuade them to give to me. Savvy?”
Spicoli: “Whoa, dude! That’s a scheme worth of Dennis!”
Jack Sparrow: “Thank you.”
Sky Turtle: “I wouldn’t take that as a compliment, biped.”

Meanwhile …

Pirate: “Arrrr, ye mad wee red dog, now what have ye done?!”
Dennis: “I could have sworn I saw a squirrel run into this giant hourglass full of peanuts …”

12 thoughts on “Come Sail Away

  1. Aye! Broke me rib, i did … Chasing those cavorting direlect doggies on escape from dat broke fence de broke, de did. Owwww… Spicoli and Dennis send rummmm to cease deez spasms pleez


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