Is There A Meeting?




Mouse: “I saw Dennis come running in here so I thought we were having a meeting.”
Mr. Nibbles: “I saw him too, but when I got here the room was empty.”


Producer Smurf: “This meeting had better be smurfportant. I was polishing my collection of Academy Awards when Dennis smurfed by in such a big rush.”
Mr. Nibbles: “I didn’t know you had a whole collection of Academy Awards! That’s very―”
Mouse: “He steals wads of tine foil out of the trash and shapes them into statues and pretends they’re Oscars.”


Producer Smurf: “So not true! Look, I smurfed one with me! You can clearly smurf that this is an actual 100% legitimate Academy Award.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Well that’s very, uh … Why do I get the feeling it wants to grab me and eat my brain?”
Mouse: “It looks like you wrapped up Mr. Bill in foil and baked him like a potato.”
Spicoli: “Yo, dudes! I heard we’re having a meeting, and also baked potatoes.”


Producer Smurf: “Ahhh! Stop smurfing on my Acadmey Award! Who do you smurf you are?! Tucker?”
Spicoli: “I can only aspire to be half the chow hound Tucker was, but thank you for the compliment, dude.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Why is everyone in here? Did you call a meeting and not tell me? Is it because the meeting is about me? And why is the nasty stoner dog eating that little robot?”
Mouse: “We all thought we saw Dennis run in here, so we thought here was some kind of emergency meeting. But there’s no sign of him.”
Vermin: “HISSSS! Have you tried looking under the table?”


Mouse: “Dennis?”
Dennis: “Is the giant bird gone?”
Mr. Nibbles: “That’s not a bird, Mr. Dennis. It’s the mouse’s balsa wood plane.”
Producer Smurf: “I’m calling Papa Smurf.”


Dennis: “Oh, that’s a relief!”
Producer Smurf: “Hello, Papa Smurf?”
Papa Smurf: “Yes?”
Producer Smurf: “This is Producer Smurf again―”


Papa Smurf: <hangs up>
Producer Smurf: “Hello?”
Spicoli: “Whoa, dude.  Denied.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Friend mouse? How many planes do you have?”
Mouse: “Just the one.”
Vermin: “HISSSS! Nice color scheme! Who does your feathers?”

16 thoughts on “Is There A Meeting?

    1. Oh, Oh…Dennis, I only saw the first picture when I came to the meeting, but when I scrolled back up, after I replied, I saw that there has been a meeting and a very funny one too. Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤


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