the lukk o’the irish!!! or not!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am tayking a kwik brayk frum owr meeting with the big skarry bird to diskuss sum importent topiks naymly perry-o and cardy-o!!! now of korse evrywun nos cardy-o is verry importent and wun of the primary keys to servival in the eevent of natcheral disasters sutch as a zombee apokalips check it owt!!!


yes as we lernd frum the faymus dokyoomentry zombieland the primary rool of survival is cardy-o!!! unfortchoonatly that may be a problim for me becuz as yoo may reemember it wuz reeveeld dooring my faild prezidenshul run that i hav a grayd five hart mermer!!! the last time i got it chekd owt wuz in oktober wen it wuz fownd that i had sum mild hart enjardjment wel i hav gawn for another reechek after that on akkownt of i aparently need serdjeree nekst week to deel with sumything kalld a perry o’dontal absess i do not no hoo perry o’dontal is sum sort of irishman wot diskoverd absesses i gess!!! but ennyway this week it wuz off to the cardy o’logist another irishman to find owt how my hart is dooing!!!

ware ar we going dada??? ar we going to the park???
this is not the park dada

no we wer not going to the park unless the parking lot is a park!!! wich it is not!!! wot it is is a hotbed of snayk aktivitee!!!

yoo see??? they eeven hav a snayk on there sine!!! but fortchoonatly i did not see enny snayks arownd i did git kawt up on peemail befor going inside tho!!!

sadly i cud not hayng arownd the peemail server all morning on akkownt of dada sed i had to go inside to a rum and git eksamind!!! i had anuther sugjestchun for wot we mite do tho!!!

lets hide owt at the deliveree entranse and wayt for sumwun to deliver a pizza!!! wot do yoo say dada???

but krool krool dada wood not let me lie in wayt for pizza insted we had to go inside for my cardy-o eksam!!! this involvd a lot of sitting arownd on my mat and wayting!!! and also a fyoo beeseetching luks wot did not wurk on krool krool dada!!!

oh my gosh wot is that thing on the wall?!?!?!?

disembodeed dog hed?!?!?!?

dada dada dada dada dada wot is that thing dada????

oh ok it is just a broken klock shaypd like a dogs hed whew!!!
hay dada akkording to the krazy weerd broken dogs hed klock it is time for us to go home

but krool krool dada stil wood not let me leev!!! he insisted i had to git lukd at by cardy o’logist the irishman!!! but yoo kan rest ashoord that i wuz not going to let enny cardy o’logists sneek up on me!!!

their is only wun way into this rum and i am keeping an eye on it

however despite the snayks and the disembodeed dog heds and all the peemail and the suspishus doorway i did manadj to keep it toogether like a gud boy becuz i had my mat i had my treets and i had the speerit of my feerless brother tucker to help me owt!!!

so i brayvd the majikal ekkokardy o’gram masheen anuther irishman and the cardy o’logist wuz aybel to get a nice gud luk at my hart!!! i do not hav the majikal animayted pikchers of my hart to show yoo yet but he did say the mermer is mostly the saym as it wuz in oktober however my affekted ventrikul has gottin lardjer frum 3.9 cent o’meters anuther irishman in oktober to 4.3 cent o’meters an eeven bigger irishman now!!! aparently its gud to hav a big hart metaforikly speeking but not so gud to hav a big hart fizzikly speeking and so that meens that befor the serdjeree i must start a noo medikayshun to help preevent hart faylyoor the noo medikayshun is kalld pim o’bendan anuther irishman!!!

jiant horse pils!!! with kibbel for skayl!!!

holy kow thoze pils ar hyoodj!!! fortchoonatly they ar also delishus!!! om nom nom!!! ennyway the cardy o’logist and all his helpers wot her probly leprekawns givin all the irishness arownd tooday sed that theez pils hav ben shown to stayv off hart faylyoor for up to fifteen munths!!! i am not entirely shoor wot hart faylyoor is on akkownt of dada wil not tel me but wotever it is fifteen munths is a pritty long time for a ten and a haff yeer old dog rite??? so wunse dada kollekted the bottel of jiant horse pils it wuz time to git bak in the kar!!! this time to go home!!! at leest if dada nos wot is gud for him!!!

we ar going home rite??? rite?!?!?!?

and it wuz time to go home!!! see i wuz a verry gud and brayv boy and totaly deeservd all those gizzards!!! so ennyway the upshot of all that is that altho their is sum risk i am helthy enuf to hav the an … anesth … wel ennyway i am helthy enuf to be put under and hav the serdjery to fiks my perry o’dontal another irishman problim!!! so thats a gud thing and — hay wayt a minnit serdjery mite meen the kone of shaym!!! krool krool dada!!!

i am not tawking to yoo ennymor

wun wud think that with al these irishmen arownd sum of the lukk of the irish wood rub off on me and i wood not need the perry o’dontal but aparently the lukk of the irish duz not ekstend to gum dizeez!!! i wil reeport bak after the proseedjer in a week or so and let yoo no how it went and if i fownd a pot of gold ennyware!!! ok bye

22 thoughts on “the lukk o’the irish!!! or not!!!

  1. Hi Dennis. This is Amy, Angel Lexi’s Mom. I promise you won’t have to wear the cone of whatever after the work is done on your teeth and mouth. That’s where peri o”dontal disease is. And you were a very brave boy, even if I do agree it would have been much more fun to just wait for pizza delivery and then get the heck out of there!


  2. We are sending lots of positive ju-ju and tail wags your way Dennis. We hear LOTS of doggy ice cream should be served after perry o’dontal surgeries, make sure your evil, evil dada gets you some!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  3. Hey D. It’s Cupcake the rescue dog, here. Best of luck in your surgery, and with your new, delicious medicine. Mom and I said prayers for you and your family and your doctors. We will say more prayers each day till we hear that you’re fine. We know you will do well and your chompers will be strong and healthy for a long time to come. You need good teeth to crunch lots of treats!! You have been very brave so far, so keep on putting one paw in front of the others and this will all be behind you soon. We love you, buddy. xoxo OK. Bye.

    Love and licks,


  4. Well, we are a big Irish family here – with a name like Boyle:) – so we are sending you lots and lots of the luck of the Irish and we are sure there will be a pot of gold for you at the end of this surgery. Or at least a big pot of tasty treats. All paws crossed for a successful surgery and for all to go well for you and your big heart. We love you, Dennis.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  5. It was very krool of your Dada to not let you sit and wait for a pizza delivery! Our Mom works with some cardi o’logists, and she agrees that you should never let them sneak up on you! Good luck with the surgicals! Maybe your parents will have to feed you soft snacks for quite a while after the surgicals!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Daisy the Bandersnatch


  6. What the heck is up with that so called clock thingy on the wall pal? Shaking my head – it’s so weird. Those pills taste good? That’s the first step to something wonderful – especially when they make you feel better. Good luck with your surgery – you know we will be thinking of you for sure!! XOXO – Bacon


  7. We sure hope those delicious pills help you out and that the surgery will fix you up! We think lots of hoomans have enlarged hearts and do okay with proper treatments so we think you should too. And about that freaky head on the wall, maybe you can ask that dogtur to take it down or cover it up.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  8. Oh, Dennis – your dada is krool krool to not let you wait for pizza! And that disembodied dog head was something else! I’m glad to hear about the 15 months – heck, that’s 45 months in ‘dog months’! Hope the luck of the Irish does cover you during your visit w/ Perry O’Dontel! Good luck!


  9. Good luck with the dentist Dennis. Gilly had a tooth out last year and she had to have lots of nice squooshy food until the hole healed. That was a very scary dog clock!! You are so very brave: Gilly and Hedy send you lots of wiggly waggly tails.


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