im so brayv i probly think this post is abowt me!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel on fryday i had my dentals wurkd on by perry o’dontal the irishman!!! i herd them telling mama and dada they had to pull wun tooth at the bak wot had its pulp expozed and they pulld another tooth wot wuz neer my absess but they left the other tooth in playse thinking it can be sayvd!!!  yeah sayve toofeez!!!


the vetnameez peepul tuk verry gud kayr of me and treeted me ekstra speshul on akkownt of my hart and i wuz verry verry brayv abowt the hole thing!!! i kan proov it i hav a sertifikat chek it owt!!!

i may luk wurreed but reely it is just alternat brayvery. also ummmm ny nose is not r

yeah see that it is a sertifikat of brayvery wot is sined by the vetnameez persun hoo helpd perry o’dontal do the proseedjoor and wot has got my pikcher on it!!! in yore fayse kowardly lion yoo just got a stoopid medal with no pikcher on it at all!!! and no yoo kannot has my sertifikat!!!


i meen soor maybe i hav got to ware a kone for a wile but it is not a kone of shaym it is a kone of kooradj!!!

i am brayv!!! i am so brayv!!!
mmmm taysts like kooradj
mmm yes delishus delishus kooradj aftertayst
ok i am reddy to be kooradjus at home now pleez

now of korse kooradj and brayvery ar both all wel and gud but yoo no wot else is gud??? freedum!!!

i am on my way to be brayv in the kar and then after that i wil be brayv at the howse

it shoor seems to tayk a long time to git home wen yoo ar waring a kone of kooradj maybe it has sumthing to do with going slow for the kone zone

ah yes their is no playse like home!!!

if ennyun needs me i wil be beeing brayv in the bedrum for a wile

now let me eksplayn how the kone of kooradj wurks!!! yoo see the wide end of the kone akts as a skoop wot kollekts whotever reesidjooal kooradj mite stil be floting arownd the howse!!! so it may luk like i am just wandring randumly bak and forth but akchooaly i am kollekting up all the drifting kooradj!!!

yoo no all that gray stuf wot kollekts on home surfisses??? wel that is not dust it is kooradj!!! eksept wen it is the vashta nerada!!! eether way yoo dont want to mes with it and that is why nobuddy arownd heer ever wipes things off arownd heer!!!

ahhh yes thats konsentrayted kooradj

but like ennything else it is posibul to kollekt too mutch kooradj and i think i hav gatherd up enuf now dont yoo???

ok i think i hav kollekted enuf kooradj to last me for a wile no kan sumbuddy tayk this kone off me???

i sed thats enuf kooradj for now!!!

this is my seeryus fayse. seeryusly i hav kollekted enuf kooradj to last a wile kan yoo tayk the kone off for me pleez???

hmm evidently mama and dada think i need mor kooradj

fine i wil just lie heer wallowing in my kooradj for a wile and okayzhunally sighing abowt it

fortchoonatly wen it wuz time for me to go to bed reealized that if kontinyood gathering kooradj up all nite long then i mite be so kooraydjus that nobuddy wood sleep inklooding them so they tuk pitty on me and put me in the komfy kone!!! wich lasted until i figgerd owt how to tayk the komfy kone off wich wuz not verry long at all!!! at wich poynt dada tuk the komfy kone off me and lo dennis emerdjd viktoryus frum the battel of the kone!!! no kone no kone kone no —

i suppoze yoo think this is funny dada. wel we wil see hoo is laffing wen it rayns and fluds agin and i am the only wun waring a life preezerver
all rite shoor maybe i wunse wishd i cud ware a kool life preezerver too like the byootiful trixie did
be kayrful wot yoo wish for

so yes remooving the komfy  kone wuz just a feint by krool krool dada!!! but hmmmmm yoo no wot it is not an inflaytabul ring of shaym it is a ring of ryetchusness!!! i meen after all luk how menny times the byootiful trixie wore it rite??? ooh i bet that if i go owtside and the eevil perpetrayters see the ring of ryetchusness they wil think trixie is bak and they wil flee in terror!!!

i think it wurkd their ar no eevil perpetraytors to be fownd owtside just klowns and jokers and dada!!! wile the eevil perpetraytors ar in disarray on akkownt of they hav mistayken me for trixie in the ring of ryetchusness i must tayk steps to enshoor my kontinyood sayfty frum them!!! lets go bak inside and git started!!!

go away. i am bilding a pillo and blankit fort.

yes me and mama and my treets wil be sayf and sownd in owr pillo and blankit fort!!! sorry dada the fort is ful!!! but maybe yoo kan put on the kone of kooradj and then yoo wil not be so skayrd!!! ha ha ok bye

26 thoughts on “im so brayv i probly think this post is abowt me!!!

  1. Mom and I KNEW you would be brave and strong and that your teefers would go and your heart would shine through happily. Yay, Dennis the V. The cone and comfy cone have collected enough courage and righteousness to last you a million years. When I wore the cone once for my allergies – when I tried to scratch my face off – all I collected was drool. And once my toy bunny got stuck inside it with me.

    Love and licks,


  2. Glad you are ok and the evil tooth germs are gone. Wishing you quick healing and no more cheer leading cone.


  3. We are so proud that we have you as our courageous friend! And to even have it in writing! Did the newspapers come and interview you? If not then they should have!

    Your Pals Who Are Heading Out In The Morning,

    Murphy & Stanley


  4. Hi Dennis, we have been thinking about you and your tooth surgery all week. We are so happy to hear that things went well. We hope the tooth fairy was good to you too. We knew you had lots of courage, and now you have proof!!!

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  5. Dennis! It is just thrilling to see you back wearing couridge and braveness, In another few days you will be ready for another huge adventoor with Bugs B., Spicoli and whomever else is around, Here is a big smooch for you from your longtime pal, Stella!


  6. Well done Dennis, you are sooo brave. Those nice cloud collars are so much better than the cones of courage, but did you know Hedy not only took hers off, put she punctured TWO of them as well!! Gilly and Hedy are so pleased it all went well and you look very cute in both your collars. Your mum and dad must be so happy to have you home, safe and sound. Get well soon. Lots of love and wiggly waggly tails (and woofs from Hedy who is wicked!!)


  7. We love the way you look on the bright side Dennis!! Arty sometimes has to wear the ring of righteousness…

    Hope you let your Dada play in your Fort soon!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  8. Hi Dennis, it sure was good news that you came through your dental surgery so well. I am unclear, though, why you would have to wear a cone after dental surgery… whatever reason, it’s great you made the best of it and collected all that courage. 🙂


    1. hello amy its dennis the vizsla dog hay aparently the kone wuz becuz wile i wuz asleep and they wer steeling my toofeez they also stole a littel growth thing off my i-lid i am not shoor wot an i-lid is sumthing frum appel i suppoze but ennyway the kone wuz so i didnt bother the spot on my fayse ware the i-lid yoozed to be!!! but i hav ben a verry gud boy and am owt of the kone as of a kuple of days ago!!! ok bye

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Mee-you Dennis yur one cur-age-uss doggie!!! Toe-tally brave!
    An you looked so kewl inn thee blue ring. If you want, mee can come vizit you inn thee fort!
    Hope yur mouth heals quiklee an you can resume normal transmisshun!
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx an (((hugs))) LadyMum


  10. aaww a certificate of bravery. Oh pal – you deserved so much more than just one certificate! I hope you feel better really soon so you can get your cone of righteousness off. Then again you might want to keep it and start a new club. I think that would be cool! XOXO – Bacon


  11. Dennis you were brave and you do look righteous in Trixies komfy kone. You were very very brave and we are all so proud of you! Hope DaDa is ok outside of the Fort!
    Marty and the Gang


  12. H brave Dennis, I’m Emma a chocolate lab. You are cute but you do look to have a mischievous side, woof out loud (wol). We’re gonna have to follow along to see the world through your eyes and woof’s.


  13. Dennis, you are so brave! I never got a certificate for anything at the vet’s office, only my puppy school graduation certificate. I am glad to hear that you are ok. What an ordeal you had to go through!!

    Also, where did they find that cool clear cone?!? I can see through it!! The only ones they ever made me wear were white and I couldn’t see ANYTHING!! I am telling my mom and dad about this right now.

    Well, hang in there. Hugs and kisses.



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