The Mild Hunt


Mr. Nibbles: “Did we lose it?”
Mouse: “I think so. It got distracted by the fish tank.”
Producer Smurf: “This is not smurfy, not smurfy at all. Spicoli, you should be protecting your friends from that bird, not napping!”
Spicoli: “Yo, blue dude, I’m totally alert and keeping an eye out so the bird doesn’t catch the mouse or Mr. Nibbles.”
Producer Smurf: “Or me either, right?”
Spicoli: “Sorry, I thought we were just talking about my friends.”


Mouse: “If Trixie or Saya or Tucker were here, they would take care of that bird.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Miss Trixie or Miss Saya would run it off, I’m sure, but Mr. Tucker was never much of a watch or guard dog.”
Mouse: “No, but he would have figured out a way to trick it into the oven and roast it for dinner.”
Producer Smurf: “Ha ha, very funny, Spicoli. Why don’t you smurf yourself useful and go see if the bird is still smurfing at the fish tank?”
Spicoli: “That would involve getting up and moving around.”


Mr. Nibbles: “Please go take a look, Mr. Spicoli?”
Spicoli: “Sure, Mr. Nibbles.  Be right back!”


Producer Smurf: “Oh, sure, he’ll smurf it for you, but not for me. I see how it is. Very smurfy.”
Mouse: “You can smurf more flies with honey than with vinegar.”
Dennis: “I’ll take some honey please.”
Mouse: “Nobody has any honey, Dennis. And thanks for all your help with the bird, by the way.”
Mr. Nibbles: “How did you manage to fit under that sofa, Mr. Dennis?”
Dennis: “It wasn’t easy!”

And then …


Spicoli: “I think you’re in the clear, dudes, the bird is gone.  Oh, wait …”

12 thoughts on “The Mild Hunt

  1. Just when you thought it was safe to come out from under the couch…..EEEEEEEEEK!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


  2. Dennis, we hope you get enough honey to keep you busy under that sofa for a very long time. It looks like the evil bird has been resurrected.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


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