to the desert!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel in order to eskayp that jiant bird wot has invayded the howse i hav deesided to eskort my frends the small animals sumware wot the bird wil not find them!!! to the desert!!! oh and also the smurf is tagging along!!!


Mr. Nibbles: “Where are we going, Mr. Dennis?”
Dennis: “Somewhere that big bird won’t follow us — out into the desert!”
Producer Smurf: “Aren’t you afraid they might smurf away your certificate of bravery?”
Dennis: “That certificate was for being brave for dental surgery, not for being brave in the face of a giant bird with a pointy beak.”

it is so dry and hot owt their in the desert i am shoor their ar no big birds or other dayndjerus kreetchers!!! we wil find a playse to hide owt their until the big bird gits tired of lukking for us arownd the howse and leeves!!!


Mouse: “Anza-Borrego at three o’clock, Dennis.”
Dennis: “See? There’s nothing down there. We’ll be perfectly safe from great blue herons!”

yes the desert is a verry kwiet and sereen playse!!! yoozhually!!!


Dennis: “Ah yes! The desert! No scary things! So peaceful! So quiet―”
Producer Smurf: “Dennis! What the smurf? Nobody smurfed me it was going to be this sunny in the desert! I’m not smurfing a shirt! I’m going to get totally smurfburned! Have you ever seen a smurfburned smurf? It’s not smurfy, not smurfy at all!”
Mouse: “Yes, so peaceful and quiet, except for the smurf complaining with a megaphone.”
Mr. Nibbles: “The rest of us don’t have shirts on either, Mr. Smurf.”
Producer Smurf: “You all smurf fur! Even patchy bald Dennis has some fur! I’m the only one going full Vladimir Putin!”
Mouse: “I suppose we can look for the visitor center. They probably have sunblock there.”
Dennis: “Oooh! Maybe we can pick up some rare trinkets and then I can sell them back on the coast for a huge profit!”
Mouse: “Good luck with that, Dennis.”

unfortchoonatly i forgot to bring the gee pee ess so i do not no how to git to the vizziter senter!!! but maybe we kan ask arownd!!!


Producer Smurf: “Dennis! Stop and ask those horses where the visitor center is!”
Dennis: “Ummmmm they look a little bit violent …”


Producer Smurf: “Maybe that sabretooth tiger could smurf us where to go.”
Dennis: “Are you crazy? Look at those teeth and claws! Let’s get out of here before it spots us!”


All: “Aaaaaiiiieeee! T. Rex! Fly away!!!”

as it terns owt it is pritty hard to find sumbuddy to giv yoo direkshuns in the desert!!!


Producer Smurf: “What about those guys?”
Mouse: “Sure sure. Because obviously we want to get directions and advice from people who got their jeep stuck on a heap of rocks and stayed there so long it turned completely to rust. And so did they.”
Producer Smurf: “Well fine! But let’s smurf some shade! I need to smurf out of the sun for a little while!”

Soon …


Producer Smurf: “Ahhh, this is so much smurfier than being ot in the hot hot sun.”
Mr. Nibbles: “It’s nice that this arch is here to hide under.”
Dennis: “I wonder what it is. Maybe a pipeline?”
Mouse: “Guys, my aerial recon indicates that the arch you’re hiding under is kind of, uh, scaly.”
Dennis: “Scaly … ?”



but then we finaly fownd sumbuddy hoo cud help us owt!!!


Mr. Nibbles: “Mr. Tortoise, can you help us find the visitor center?”
Tortoise: “Certainly, just follow me. Wait. You’re not a hare, are you?”
Mr. Nibbles: “No, I’m a guinea pig.”

47 hours later …


Producer Smurf: “Are we there? Where are we? I can’t smurf a thing with all this smoke!”
Tortoise: “Here we are! Lickety-split, fast as can be!”
Ranger Booger: “What can I help you, uh, folks with?”
Dennis: “Hi there! We came to the desert because of a great blue heron, but the smurf forgot to wear a shirt. Do you have any sun block?”
Ranger Booger: “Well, sure, we have sun block for your friend! And because of all the rain we also have plenty of great blue herons, if that’s what you came to see! Hang on, I’ll show you my great blue heron call!”

wait wait wait wait no no no no no!!!

wot the hekk kind of krazy bird kall is that?!?!


Dennis: “That can’t possibly be what they sound like.”


Dennis: “Then again maybe it can.”

it seems the desert is not sayf frum grayt bloo herons after all!!!


Mouse: “Home at twelve o’clock, Dennis!”
Producer Smurf: “There’s nothing down there, you said! We’ll be safe from great blue herons, you said!”

Soon …


Spicoli: “Where have you dudes been? And why do I smell burnt hot dogs?”
Mr. Nibbles: “I think he smells more like overcooked blueberries.”
Mouse: “You’re both wrong. He smells like burning plastic. The toxic kind.”
Producer Smurf: “All of you shut up.”
Dennis: “We went to the desert to escape from the great blue hearon, but it turns out the desert is infested with them. Where is it now? Is it still stalking the fish?”
Spicoli: “Nah, dude, he left ages ago.  I gave him a gift card to Long John Silvers. We’ll never see that bird again.”

hmm so i gess sumtimes the sayfest playse to be is home!!! ha ha ok bye

15 thoughts on “to the desert!!!

  1. We avoided the desert for other reasons. There are all kinds of weird creatures there, the least of which was Ranger Booger!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  2. Sometimes it’s all about the journey, Dennis.

    Well that’s what that guy Stephen King told Mama and look what happens to all his characters!! Never mind!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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