Meet the Fosters

Say hello to “Sulu” and “Uhuru”, the foster kittens!  This is “Sulu”, the boy kitten, who can’t wait to get out of the carrier:

And “Uhuru”, the girl kitten, who looks both ways before crossing the street:

“Sulu” and “Uhuru” are about eight weeks old. They are part of a litter whose mother was trapped as a feral cat.

We are doing a “foster to adopt” with them, so if it works out — i.e., they don’t terrorize Dennis too badly — we will be adopting them, at which point they will be getting new names.

Say “hello” to the (maybe) future “Charlee” & “Chaplin”

Hereafter they shall be referred to by the names we’re going to give them if they stay. Charlee (the girl) has a little moustache and a goatee, while Chaplin (the boy) just has a “soul patch”.  Of course, Charlie Chaplin didn’t have a goatee, as far as I remember, but still, those were the names I immediately thought of when I saw their facial markings. Maybe it was all the black and white.

Being kittens, they mostly like to run around and play, mostly with each other. However, once they got kind of tired Charlee took up residence inside one of the scratching posts and fell asleep, while Chaplin spent a little more time wandering around.

Not a skunk butt

While his sister had a nap, Chaplin got to be a little bit of a love bug, accepting ear skritches and cheek skritches and even giving a nose bump. Oh, and there was purring. Lots and lots of purring.

Humans may have their uses.

Dennis hasn’t met them yet, but after they were in the kitty playroom for three hours or so, he finally realized there was something in there.  He just isn’t sure what yet.  Except for canned food.  He’s pretty sure that somebody in that room got canned food …

It remains to be seen what Vermin the Opossum will think of having real cats in the house again …

23 thoughts on “Meet the Fosters

  1. Things are about to get very interesting for Vermin the opossum!! We hope Dennis warms up to these two cuties and visa versa!
    Arty, Jakey & Bilbo


  2. OMD OMD
    OMC OMCCCcccccccccccccccc
    UHUHRA… and SULU…. We love the names… They will be “STARS” even if they don’t go on a TREK.


  3. Sorry Dennis but our mom is making all sorts of “squeeee” noises. She said something about those kitties as being too cute for words. We hope they don’t terrorize you too much.


  4. Charlie and Chaplin are just too cute. We hope it all works out. No kitties could ever stay with us, but we know they can do very well with many dogs. We bet Dennis will love them.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  5. Oh dude – they are kittens! They will take over the house, purr, eat, poop and of course cuddle with you when you sleep. Okay maybe they are not so bad… just don’t tell Hemi I said that okay. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. We love the new names ❤


  6. Ooh they’re so cute. Hence the Alien Architecture. These 2 will keep Dennis on the ball.
    I would call them Cat & Cat so no matter which one you call there can be no mistake.


  7. Make no mistake, Dennis, these two liittle kitties WILL terrorize you, Bur its time to put on your big boy hat (your fedora} and let them know you are nobody to be chased. You will be the chaser! Have fun and if you don’t like one, send it to me.
    After years will ZKhat, I learned to handle cats! Hugs from your pal Stella


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