slakker sunday!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay my slakker dada sez to tel yoo he is sorry he did not git a chanse to finnish up my adventchers with the eksploding krayt and sutch this week on akkownt of havving a bizzy week with me and the kittens!!! i hav not ben feeling wel this week and had to go in to the vetnameez speshalist on toozday for majikal sownd inspekshuns wot fownd sum suspishus thikkening in my innards so then i had to bak in for a skoping yesterday chek it owt!!!

i wunder if dada wood notiss if i ran owt the dor
he probly wood stop me
krool krool dada

the skoping sampels hav to go owt for sumthing kalld a byopsee wot wil tayk a week wich is like seven weeks in dog time but they fownd a lot of inflamayshun and aparently i bled eezily and a lot in their wile they wer dooing the wurk so umm that is not so promissing so i wil be happy to aksept enny tail wags or purrs wot ennywun mite hav lying around!!!

as for the kittens i hav seen them kreeping arownd the living room a buntch of times and i always git fed lots of treets so that they do not skayr me but then on friday they disapeerd and i did not git treets and it wuz verry sad however as it ternd owt they had just gawn in for noodels however only charlee got noodels this time on akkownt of chaplin has sumthing kalld a kryptorchid wich i think is sum kind of grayvyard flower but ennyway they ar going to wayt a kuple of weeks and then try agin to giv chaplin his noodels!!! but chaplin stil stayd with charlee overnite at the noodel howse on akkownt of the kittens do not like to git separayted!!! doo to the roolz of the shelter they wil not allow a kitten to be adopted before it has gotten its noodels and so mama and dada hav to wayt a kuple of weeks to ofishully adopt chaplin but they hav adopted charlee and rest ashoord chaplin wil be nekst!!!

ennyway that is why slakker dada has not finnishd my adventchers with the krayt and he askd me to doo sumthing to distrakt evrywun frum his slakkerness so ummm heer ar sum pikchers of kittens in a cat tree!!!

their see now yoo forgot all abowt wot a slakker my dada is rite??? oops i just reeminded yoo!!! ha ha ok bye

23 thoughts on “slakker sunday!!!

  1. Dear Dennis, sad to hear you are not feeling well, but if a cat sends to a dog POTP, so power of the paw, it is very powerful, and I am now sending all the time these beams to you, do you feel warm ,white, paw on your forehead, it’s me. Your kittens are cute.
    Wishing you healthy days!
    a cat in faraway Finland.


  2. When you have a lot to say, Dennis, sometimes I find some words confusing, I hope all is well though and everything turns out fine for you Charlie and Chaplin!

    Your pal,


  3. Oh Handsome! Juno has plenty of kisses and tail swishes for woo. Yesterday we saw anothe vizla, and the cracker was not nice to him, he said HBO words to him but I think it was because he was so surprised at such beauty. Later he was very nice to him when he used his noodle to figure out he was a nice guy. Anyway, Loki says Arrgghh arghhhh arghhhh to you and that means “feel better dude, good dog vibes” in cracker speak.


  4. We’re glad to know the kittens are okay and they will both be living with you on a permanent basis once the second surgery is done. But we’re concerned about you, Dennis. We want you to be okay! We dogs are hearing a lot of purring going on with the kitties. that must be for you, Dennis.


  5. Hi Dennis! We have our paws crossed tight for you and your kitties. We hope Charlee feels better after getting his “noodles” and that you get some good test results back from the vet.


  6. That sounds like a pretty scary trip to the vet, D. I’m sorry about your thickening which does not sound like very much fun at all. Mom and I said prayers for you and we have crossed our paws and fingers. We know you will be fine. Hang in there, buddy.

    Love and licks,


  7. We’ve got our paws crossed that everyone is overreacting and that you are just fine! Mom says she’ll “send good vibes through the ether” – whatever that means. Speaking of parents saying weird things, Mom also said to tell you Dada that Daisy is, in fact, related to the Mysterious Mr. Two Sheds, and had a feeling that your Dada would likely be the only person outside her immediate family who would get the reference. Mom said, too, that Daisy was clearly more successful than Mr. Two Sheds, though, because she actually HAD two toys, where as Mr. Two Sheds was just thinking about getting another shed, maybe. We have No Idea WHAT Mom is talking about! We hope you feel better!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Daisy the Bandersnatch


  8. Dennis, we are sending lots of extra-strength POTP to you. Kitties. EEEWWWW. We hope the vet person can make you feel better, because kitties would make us sick, too.

    -Otto and Osa


  9. We hope you have a BINGO biopsy – B9! Mom says it is the very best kind. Maybe you should pretend to be scared of those kitties furever so those treats will keep coming?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  10. Oh, Dennis – I’m sorry to hear you had to go to the bad place. (Bad, Dada. Bad.) Rita and I are sending our best pawsitive thoughts your way!! Those kittens are awfully cute! (Now I need to go click on that noodles link….)


  11. Dennis my dear buddy we are all here sending you monster POTP and healing karma. Mom is putting you in our prayers too. We luvs ya my friend and want you to feel better.
    Marty, Mom and the Gang
    Pee Ess
    The little furballs were awful adorable 🙂


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