Greetings, quivering civilians! I know you haven’t heard from me, Saya the Mighty, in a long time. That is because I have been very busy keeping northern California free of vampires, squirrels, and their pointy-toothed ilk. But once in a while I like to have a little fun, while still keeping myself in practice, say, by trying to beat out the competition to catch a ball when it bounces off the roof. See if I don’t!

Three vizslas. One roof. One ball. Was there ever any question that Saya the Mighty would be the one to catch the ball? DO YOU EVEN NEED TO ASK?

As you can see I am still having a grand time up here with my mother and my sister and playing with my other sister and the other dogs who come to visit us here to play games that I always win, because I am Saya the Mighty and they aren’t. But do you know what we don’t have here? Do you know? Dennis, can you guess? WE DON’T HAVE CATS. Dennis! You do know that you’re not a cat, right? RIGHT???

Well, to each his own. It seems like that one cat and that other thing that looks like a skunk are more Dennis’s speed than a monster-hunting vizsla puppy such as myself. Enjoy your kitty neck massages, Dennis — I have vampire nests to clear out! Or maybe they’re gopher nests. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VAMPIRES AND GOPHERS!

This is Saya the Mighty, signing off until next time!


  1. So good to see you are healthy, happy and having a ball. (pun intended) Be careful how you taunt Dennis, though. One day you too will be old and possibly living with cats 🙂


  2. It is so good to see you, Saya the Mighty. You are looking fantastic. But we bet this is a better place for you to be to get lots of exercise with other active crazies like you:) We think Dennis is crazy in love with those kitties – we just don’t get it.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  3. Hiya Saya!! We wondered where all our Vampire Gophers had gone…they must have heard you had moved to the Northern realms of Cali and high tailed it to Oregon!!
    Arty & Jakey!


  4. You GO Saya thee Mitey!!!! You are an amazin an feerless huntress!! Mee finks Dennis iss purrhapss retired frum huntin an letting YOU take over while hee teechess thee littul kittss how to beehave an stuff….
    It iss NOT easy to be ‘kitt sittin’ trust mee on thiss Saya! 😉
    Yur video iss GRATE; just like YOU!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~


  5. Saya the Mighty, that was an excellent catch. You could play cricket for us if you like, all our human cricketers are on strike. You and Hedy and your family can play and Gilly can be the umpire. We are very pleased you are keeping those pointy toothed villains at bay. You look very fit and you have grown!!


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