Oh The Humane-Ity

Spicoli: “Dude, I really don’t think this is where you go for poetic license.”
Dennis: “But I asked Chaplin if poetic license was like a dog license and he said he supposed it might be.”
Spicoli: “Okay, but have you considered the possibility that he was just humoring you?”
Dennis: “Now you’re just being silly! They’re hipster poets, not standup comedians.”


Spicoli: “Oookay. But, dude, this is the humane society. One of their jobs is to take in stray animals. Are you sure you want to go in there without your folks? You might get into trouble.”
Dennis: “I’m always going on adventures without my folks and I never get into any trouble.”
Mouse: “What?! You’re kidding, right?”


Dennis: “Give me one time I went on an adventure and got into trouble.”
Spicoli: “Dude, seriously, don’t ask that.”
Mouse: “If you insist …”

Later …

Mouse: “… and then there was the time you all got turned into chickens …”

Later …


Mouse: “… Not to mention your ongoing war with Santa Claus …”

Later Still …

Mouse: “… then you ruptured the space-time continuum again …”
Spicoli: “ZZzzzZZzzz …”

The Next Day …

Mouse: “… you’ve been in prison so often they named a wing after you …”
Dennis: “I said to give me one time.”

16 Comments on “Oh The Humane-Ity

  1. Sounds like maybe, just maybe- trouble follows you around, D. ANyway, I think you need to go to the motor vehicle office for a poetic license. I’m pretty sure Mom does it all the time!

    Love and licks,


  2. Dennis is just one that has bad things happen to him, he just tries to be a good dog.


  3. Mee-yow out loud an LOL Dennis….you sure gotted an earful frum Mousie!! It appeerss hee keepss track of yur adventuress mee furend!!
    Why not go to thee Driver’ss Licence place? You not get innCARsirated there (mee hopess!)
    Good luck on yur search fur Poe-etick Licence~~~
    Mew mew mew Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  4. Really, Dennis, just one time? Well, there was … and there was … and we can’t count the times … Go home before they lock you up as a stray at the shelter.


  5. BOL! OMD, Dennis, you are my kinda dude! You seem to gets into as much troubles as Moi! BOL! I thinks The Mouse needs some cheese to curb his RATTING you out…hehehehe
    Ruby ♥


  6. Maybe you should forget about that license:) That Mouse has a big TRAP that needs to shut:)

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  7. Hmmm…poetic licence…where to get one? Oh ya,…you can get one of those on-line from the government…now I remember. For a loonie more you can fish for the year too!



  8. that was a little more than one time LOL …hey they really named a wind after you? impressing…seems I have a lot to do to become as famous as you ;o)


  9. Ooops…that mouse sure knows you well Dennis!
    Arty & Jakey


  10. That is a very long list. We are sure it is open to interpretation. The sky was very dark, where did you sleep??


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