Never Gonna Do It Without The Fez On Oh No

Spicoli: “Dude, have you joined the Shriners?”
Dennis: “Since the mouse is so worried about me getting into trouble at the humane society, I’ve disguised myself as a human.”
Mouse: “Most humans don’t go around in fezzes, Groucho glasses, and giant bow ties.”
Dennis: “All the cool ones do.”
Mouse: “No they don’t, Dennis!”

Dennis: “Now I just need someone to pretend to be my dog while I go in there to buy my poetic license.”
Spicoli: “Are you asking for volunteers? I would love to help you out, dude, but I’m banned from the Humane Society as a result of the catnip incident.”
Dennis: “The catnip incident?”
Spicoli: “Well, something like catnip, anyway.”
Mouse: “Since you insist on going through with this cockamamie scheme, Dennis, you should be aware that they actually will let ‘humans’ in the door who don’t have animals with them.”

Dennis: “Be that as it may, my disguise is not impenetrable until I have a dog to complete it.”
Mouse: “I don’t think that’s what will put you into Master of Disguise territory, but okay. However. This is the cat and small animal location. You and your pretend dog will need to go the other building.”
Dennis: “Oh, I’ve got that covered. I’ve accounted for every detail this time.”

Momentarily …

Mr. Nibbles: “Mr. Woofles reporting for duty, Mr. Dennis!”
Dennis: “See? He’s a dog and a small animal! I can take him to any building I want!”
Mouse: “Mr. Nibbles! No! Don’t encourage him!”
Spicoli: “Whoa, dude! I’m seeing tiny Saint Bernards! It’s like the catnip incident all over again!”

17 thoughts on “Never Gonna Do It Without The Fez On Oh No

  1. We sure hope the hipsters kitties can channel Angel Trixie’s ability to save you Dennis, and not Angel Trouble’s ummmm…dark side abilities 😉
    Arty and Jakey


  2. OMD, Dennis, you gots me on the edge of my doggie bed dude! I do loves your Fez, and the Groucho get-up is GENIUS…butts I’m kinda worried abouts Mr. Nibbles….I thinks his costume needs some work….
    Ruby ♥


  3. Oh that is a great fez. The Labradors wonder if you are Doctor Who or Tommy Cooper??? Either would be good and they loved a fez too. We love Groucho, he is very funny and you are too.


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