Point/Counter Point


Dennis: “Hello there! My name is Dennis the human person and I am here with my guinea pig/St. Bernard mix, which is my human person pet.”
Mouse: “Mr. Nibbles, why are you going along with this when you know it’s going to be a fiasco?”
Mr. Nibbles: “It’s part of a project to help Mr. Dennis get over his fear of strange dogs.”


Dennis: “Just because you never heard of a guinea pig/St. Bernard mix, that doesn’t make it ‘not a thing’.”
Mouse: “I see. Well, while I agree that when wearing that mask you qualify as ‘a strange dog’, the project you think you’re working on is just as doomed to failure as the project you’re actually working on, which is another one of Dennis’s cockamamie schemes.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Please, friend mouse, Mr. Dennis deserves a little more credit than you’re giving him.”


Dennis: “You can call him ‘a genetic impossibility’ if you want. I call him ‘Mr. Woofles’. Now, are you going to sell me a poetic license or not?”
Mouse: “Actually I’ve got his credit report right here. The only way he could have less credit would be if it allowed negative numbers.”

But then …


Dennis: “Well what kind of licenses do you sell?”
Man: “Is this dog with you? We caught him raiding the catnip supply.”
Spicoli: “Nobody likes a narc, dude.”

Meanwhile …


Chaplin: “I once had a very nice fez. \ ‘Can I borrow it?’ the vizsla says. \ So I give him my headgear. \ ‘I’ll return it, never fear!’ \ Now I don’t know where dog or hat is.”
Charlee: “It wasn’t that nice of a fez. It was much too big for you.”
Chaplin: “I’ll grow into it.”


Vermin: “HISSS! It sure is nice and quiet here when it’s just us cats, isn’t it? Look, I have a hat too. Now we can all be cats in hats!”
Charlee: “Possum in a hat \ that it got from a Dumpster \ is still not a cat.”


19 thoughts on “Point/Counter Point

  1. BOL! OMD, Dennis, I sure hopes you are able to gets yourself a poetic license from that place, butts I would keep an eye on Spicoll….I heard that doggies eatin’ that catnip pharts glitter! I don’t knows if it’s true, butts I wouldn’t take the chance…
    Ruby ♥


  2. A poetic licence???? Oh my, fink of all the funs you could have with that Denis!!!1
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


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