happy maybe probly eleventeenth birthday to me!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel it is the twenny forth of julie agin and that meens it is a happy maybe probly eleventeenth birthday to me chek it owt!!!

now of korse as menny of my nice reederz wil reemember i wuz fownd wandring in a kanyon with my too brothers and another dog wot wuz thawt to be my sister but wich mama and dada now beleev wuz my doggy mama more on that in a bit!!! ennyway i wuz in pritty ruff shayp by the time i wuz fownd inklooding having left most of my fur beehind in the kanyon along with my kooradj and most of my sanitee at leest akkording to dada!!! hay dada that is not nice!!! yoo try loozing this mutch wayt and this mutch fur and see how wel yoo kope!!!

not much fur but at leest i stil had my boy parts bak then!!!

ennyway i beeing a reskyew vizsla dog do not hav a birth sertifikat or ennything but dada did sum deetektiv wurk on the innerwebs and the wayback masheen wich i gess is ware web paydjes go after they kross the rainbo bridj and he diskoverd that a breeder in the areea ware i wuz fownd had passd away abowt a yeer erlier so he and mama formd the theery that i and my brothers wer frum that breederz last litter on julie twennyforth too thowsand and siks!!!

is that reely troo??? we do not no and the wurld wil never no for shoor!!! but mama and dada hav deesided to mayk the twennyforth of julie my birthday and that meens i wuz a littel over a yeer old wen they fosterd and adopted me!!!

finaly starting to reelaks after my ordeel in the kanyon!!!

i gess yoo cud say i never kwite got over my erly trawmas but with the help of tucker and trixie i setteld in and fownd the pak ware i belongd!!!

my first krismas as wun of the three musketeerz!!!

mama and dada think i had never eeven ben inside a howse for befor i always tried to eskayp frum the howse and hide beehind the garbadj kans nor had i ever had toys befor so i wuznt always shoor wot wuz a toy and wot wuz not a toy!!! but that didnt stop me frum trying to bring things to mama and dada to show them wot a gud boy i wuz!!! i had mad reetreever skilz!!!

luk i brawt yoo a rug!!! yoo like rugs rite???

sadly tucker and trixie ar gawn now and i beeing eleventeen yeerz old am the seenyor dog of the howse!!! i gess that mayks me the leeder of the pak and eeven tho the pak now konsists of me and too cats that is okay becuz the cats ar my frends too!!! or at leest wun of them is my frend and the other wun tolerayts me sort of how all of jerrys frends tolerated george in the faymus dokyoomentry sinefeld wot i think wuz a show abowt nuthing and also abowt geometry!!!

me and my kitty

of korse yoo my nice reederz no i hav had a lot of helth challendjes over the yeerz wot with my brains and my hart and my hips all not wurking all that wel but rite now my biggest problem is my tummy mama and dada hav ben trying all kinds of diffrent medikayshuns and diets but i just do not reely want to eet verry mutch and hav ben loozing wayt for a wile now hay maybe i am just trying to keep my trim athleets figger mama and dada!!! like in theez pikchers wen i wuz a strapping three yeer old flyball star!!! akshun shots by agiledogs!!!

but i kan tel mama and dada ar konsernd abowt me becuz this weekend wen dadas cuzzins wer heer to vizzit with me and the hipsters and my mimmier and grandpa wot ar heer frum noo york they all had pizza and i akchooally finaly got sum pizza too!!! and al i had to do wuz not eet for a kuple of days and looze five pownds!!! i did not eeven hav to git reskyewd frum an eksploding manshun!!!

pizza dogs myootant power is not dropping pizza!!!

ennyway mama and dada ar stil trying to find the rite medikayshuns to mayk me feel better but maybe if i keep not eeting they wil put me on the ice kreem and pizza and steak diet!!! that wood be awsum!!! i no they ar gitting wurreed abowt how mutch longer it wil be befor i joyn tucker and trixie and trouble and pooh bear over the rainbo bridj i wil be verry happy to play with tucker and trixie agin and maybe i wil eeven mayk frends with trouble and pooh bear wen i see them nekst time but for now i am going to enjoy spending time with my mama and dada and the hipster kitties and mimmier and grandpa and vizzititng with my kuzzins and with yoo all of my nice frends and reederz!!! so happy maybe probly eleventeenth birthday to me!!!


i kannot garantee i wil keep kalm but i think i kan manadj to hav a happy eleventeenth birthday!!! ha ha ok bye

67 thoughts on “happy maybe probly eleventeenth birthday to me!!!

  1. Happy Birthday dear Dennis… no matter if it is actually today…. efurry day with you is like a birthday buddy…. and you are my role model and my hero, I have to learn a lot so I need a good mentor with the craziest ideas ever… a guy like you :O)

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  2. Happy birthday Dennis, Lorelai Gilmore and Hedy Lamarr hope you get a whole cake made from pizza and steak and ice cream. They are sorry to hear your stomach is not very well and send lots of wiggly waggly tails to make you feel better. They have sisters who are. It here too, but they are happy running and playing with good hips and legs too. What a lucky life you are had and what lucky humans your mum and dad are, to have you Dennis.

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  3. Happy, happy maybe birthday, Dennis. We got to know you and your dada because of my Maggie the Vizsla who is the twin of Tucker. Hope you feel better soon (or get pizza, which is about the same thing)

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    1. hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo!!! maggie and tucker shoor ar twins!!! i bet they ar both having fun running in sirkles arownd my sister trixie over the rainbo bridj!!! ok bye


  4. Dear Dennis, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I do hope you have the most wonderful day and that there is loads of CAKE!!!!! Although the CAKE might ruin your ice cream and pizza steak plan fur a bit
    I did not nose your history so fank you fur sharing your story, see I knew you wuz a very amazing pup and now I nose just what a special fella you are!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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    1. hello princess leah its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo verry mutch!!! hmmm i kannot deeside if kayk is wurth the risk of rooining steak and ice kreem deesizhuns deesizhuns!!! ha ha ok bye


  5. Happy Birthday Dennis. We hope you get lots more pizza and ice creams and steak but mostly we hope you can get your appetite back for your regular food too. We are crossing our paws that your mom and dad can figure out a magic formula for you to feel better.

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    1. hello millie and walter its dennis the vizsla dog hay mama and dada ar shoor spending a lot of time vizzitting the apoth … apothek … wel ennyway they keep giving me noo poshuns so hopefuly wun wil wurk soon!!! ok bye


  6. Happy birthday Dennis! We hope you have the bestest birthday ever full of pizza and ice cream and steak and cake! We are sending you lots of bark love!

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  7. Happy birthday Dennis! We hope you have the bestest birthday ever full of pizza and ice cream and steak and cake! We are sending you lots of bark love!

    Rusty, Riley, Roxi & Rowdy


    1. hello molly its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wil giv it my best shot!!! i just need to ninja my way past the kitchin defenses!!! and to do that i just need to ask myself wot wood tucker do??? ok bye


  8. Dennis, you are one special pup. Wishing you a very happy 11th birthday,and hoping you start feeling better and eating again. I think ground beef and rice sound pretty good, how about you? P.S. We love to read your comments on our blog.

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    1. hello amy and lucy its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo verry mutch i no mama and dada wil not stop trying owt diffrent poshuns until they find wun wot wurks!!! and thank yoo for shayring yore storeez for me to comment on!!! ok bye

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  9. Hippo Birdie 2 ewes, Hippo Birdie 2 ewes. Hippo Birdie 2 ewes….Hippo birdie 2 ewes. 11 years never looked so good.


    1. hello khan and apollo and yore dada its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo!!! and thank yoo to yore dada and his big kamra withowt hoom i wood not hav the pikchers to help me reemember my flyball days!!! ok bye


  10. I also have a random birthday chosen by the rescue people that brought me from a Georgia high-kill shelter. That kind of wild-guess birthday works as well as a real live birthday with paperwork and all. Happy birthday, buddy. I hope you have a great day and that the year ahead is the best one ever. Yes, D., the whole entire year! Enjoy. xoxo

    Love and licks,

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  11. Happy eleventeeth birthday, Dennis! I can’t believe you are actually snoozing with kittehs! You are SO BRAVE!!! Crazy Daisy’s birthday is tomorrow, so you two are like twins or something (except you are WAY less crazy than she is!) We love your flashback photos!

    *kissey face*
    Fiona and Daisy the Bandersnatch

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  12. HEEEEEY DENNIS! OMD, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BURTHDAY DUDE!!! I loved reading your story, and you are one pawsome puppers! I love seein’ your action shots, sure looks like you ROCKED the Flyball world! Man, havin’ an upset tummy sucks! I had one when I was a wee lass, butts now I can’t gets enough foodables! (you can send me any you don’t wants, BTW…..☺) And, I would gives you my extra weight in a NY minute, if I could! I’ve been on a perpetual diet for years. sigh.
    Anyhu, I will keep my paws crossed that your peeps and vettie find the right meds to calm your tummy so you can gain some of your weight back, and I hopes that they feeds you lots of PIZZA, steak and IScream!! boy, that does sound FABulous!
    Ruby ♥

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  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Dennis!!! We have had a houseful of two leggers for several days and missed this yesterday. We are so happy you found the wonderful home that you have and we wish you many more good years ahead.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  14. Happy Eleventeeth Birthday, Dennis! Considering all your troubles as a little pup, we think you are doing fine now! I wish I could share my appetite with you, because I am pretty pudgy. Here is the deal Dennis, we have been pals for a long time and we love you and hope your Birthday is the best ever! Hugs from Stella and her Mom Jo!


    1. hello jo and stella its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo verry mutch i no yoo wood shayr yore appetite with me if yoo cud!!! we do go way way way bak my frend and i hav never forgottin that yoo wer the wun hoo first started kalling the byootiful trixie the byootiful trixie wich is the best naym for her!!! ok bye


    1. hello pooch smooches its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes like the faymus minstrel madonna wunse sed if its bitter at the start then its sweeter in the end!!! and tooday i got yummy tripe so that wuz pritty sweet eeven if mama and dada say it is stinky!!! ha ha ok bye


  15. WOO HOO Dennis!!!!! 11benty iss a grate age!!!!!
    Ok let mee katerwall.sing to you!
    “Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday deerest kewlest Dennis,
    Happy Birthday to you……
    ….an many more….”
    Mee got all leekey eyed reedin yur sotry…mee did not know. LadyMum said shee did not want mee to bee uppyset. Well mee DID get uppyset because mee caress about you so-o much!!!! Yur one of mee bestest furendss…all wayss….
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry an {{{huggiess}}} LadyMum


    1. hello siddhartha henry its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for the birthday thawts and song!!! and do not be sad things wer ruff for me wunse but i hav had a gud life heer with tucker and trixie and trouble and now with the hipster kitties too!!! ok bye

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      1. Yur rite Dennis!!! Mee iss just sennysitive about doggies an katss who have ruff startss…
        You have had a furabuluss Life an thee Hipsterss are so kewl……they LUV doggies just like mee!!!
        **Hi-5’sss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


    1. hello trixie its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo verry mutch!!! my hyooman kuzzin susan sez my naym shud hav ben lucky on akkownt of how things ternd owt and ware i ended up!!! ok bye


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